Not able to search artist 'Emi Fujita' but artist exist in the library

The Emi Fujita appeared in the ‘Artist’ library but when I do a search by typing the artist name it return as ‘Labels’. Am I missing something else?

Emi Fujita appears in the ‘Artist’ library below:

Thanks Guy,
@Brian2 posted recently regarding work on search. Let’s leave this notification and he may be able to tell us if this relates to that work.

Hey @MusicEar – I’m going to follow up via PM here. If they appear in your Artist browser, they should show up in search results.

We’ll get some logs from you, and then we should be able to get a better sense of what’s going on here.

Today when I boot up my MusicServer and do a search again on Emi Fujita, search result came up. That’s weird…

Very strange. We’ll take a look at the logs and see if we find anything, but glad this is working now!

Hey @MusicEar – we think we may have figured out what’s going on here. Any chance you edited the artist name in Roon? Do you remember the steps you took?


Hi Mike, Yes I did. Roon gave a Chinese character so I changed it to English for easy search.

Perfect. We know what the problem is, and will be fixing it for a future release. If you have this problem again, just restart :smile:

Thanks for the report!