Not seeing Airplay devices in Roon

@Eric: Since the new build i don’t see the Airplay device anymore. Is this a new bug?

Hi @ManInTheHighCastle ---- Thank you for the feedback. I went ahead and moved this post out of the previous thread, so we can address this issue directly.

I just ran a quick sanity check to see if I am able to access my two Airplay zones in Roon (Core = NUC w/ROCK) and am having no issues as you can see from the screen shot below:

Moving forward, can you please provide the following:

  1. Since noticing this behavior, have you power cycled all of your equipment? This would include your core machine, end points, and networking equipment (router, switches, etc).

  2. Are you able to stream to your Aiplay zone(s) successfully outside of Roon?


hi Eric. I did a complete reinstall with Roon Rock on an Nuc7i7. Now the Denon is back again. But a reinstall is no great Solution. Besides that i have the issue that my Android Devices are getting the “Initializing” Status from the core so that i can’t control with my phone. Later someday it is possible that it’s working again without doing anything. Strange. So, at the moment I must say that the software is brilliant but too buggy to pay 100 a year.

Hi @ManInTheHighCastle ---- Thank you for touching base with me and sharing the results of the reinstall with me.

Moving forward, I agree that having to reinstall the OS is not an ideal solution here. What else had been tried before the reinstall?

Furthermore, in terms of the remote connectivity issues you’ve reported. We are currently conducting an investigation into this behavior and are asking any users who are experiencing this issue to please fill out the survey found here. The goal is to collect as much data as possible to help us better understand this problem. If you are feeling up to it, the feedback would be very appreciated as I am sure we can get this figured out for you.

Myself along with the rest of the team are ready to help!

Before switching from Roon Core on my Synology to Roon Rock i did a reset of all my Network devices. Fritzbox, Switch, nas and so on. The airplay device did not come Back. Regarding the Android issue i will do the survey.

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