Not working with Samsung Galaxy S5

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Roon 521 not working with Samsung Galaxy S5. Will load only partially, freezes up not allowing navigation.

Hi @Al_Landau,

What version of Android is this device running?

Have you tried rebooting and reinstalling the app?

Android 6.0.1 I’ve rebooted and re-installed numerous times…

Hello @Al_Landau,

Thanks for the report, we are currently investigating this issue and have added your report to the investigation. If there’s any other info we require, we will reach out again. I appreciate your patience while we complete our investigation.

Thank you much

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We’ve released a new update, Roon 1.7 Build 528, which contains improvements that we believe will help with the issues you are experiencing here. Please see our release notes below:

The Team At Roon Labs

Not working with Samsung s5, nothing. With Fire 8 tablet OS if there is no album art the app shuts down. Ugh…

Hi @Al_Landau,

We have heard from other users that the fix worked on their end, have you made sure that you have the latest Roon build 528 installed? I would uninstall it and re-install the app from the Play Store to double check this.

Works fine on Samsung s5 following third re-install, thanks

Is 5.28 available for Fire OS 6

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Hi @Al_Landau,

Are you still seeing this issue on your Fire 8 tablet?

All’s good, 528 installed and playing. Thanks for following up.

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That’s great news @Al_Landau!
Any further issues, just let us know and we’d be happy to take a look.

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