Note for Starlink Customers

A note for our ARC users:

**If your internet servicer provider is Starlink Residential, then your ISP will have implemented a carrier-grade network address translation (CG-NAT) that will unfortunately not function with the current implementation of ARC.

Please see the staff post here. We’re working on possible solutions to democratize access to mobile streaming for our Starlink users, but at this time, you’ll have to pursue VPN options like those mentioned here in our #tinkering and #roon categories:

Starlink (ISP) with ARC - IPv6 Won’t Allow Port Forwarding: VPN Workarounds

Starlink compatibility for Roon ARC?

or here:
VPN: step-by-step


Hello again Roon users with Starlink,

The latest release includes IPv6 compatibility for Roon ARC, allowing Roon Core to reach ARC outside the home in simple network configurations with an external IPv6-format address.

Starlink is in the process of rolling out IPv6 for their customers, but please keep in mind that your account may still have an IPv4-format public address encased in Starlink’s carrier-grade NAT.

If you are on Roon Build 1272+ and still can’t connect, please try the following steps:

  1. Verify that your external Starlink IP address is actually IPv6 format. You can either inquire directly with Starlink, or check the actual_external_IP field in any diagnostics displayed in Roon → Settings → ARC.

  2. If you have an external IPv6 format address, you will need to use a third-party router.
    a) The Starlink gateway does not support IPv6 pinholing necessary for “port forwarding” via an IPv6-format address. Please see here: Does Starlink Have Port Forwarding? - Starlink Hardware.
    b) However, a single third-party router using an IPv6-format external address will now be able to reach ARC.

  3. Please create a support topic thread in #support:port-forwarding-help and we’ll do our very best to respond promptly.