Now playing some Hip-Hop

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For the handful of Hip-Hop fans in the Roon Community (currently).

Maybe that number grows over time :grin:

I’ll tag some that I’ve seen share before: @lorin @dylan @PatMaddox

I love all types of music, from Santana to Vivaldi to Armin Van Buuren to Keith Jarrett to Stevie Wonder.

Love me some Hip-Hop too… I’ll kick it off, taking it back to 1986.






(Mark Edwards) #4

I saw them live in 1986 with RUN DMC, I was 16/17, my old chap drove me and my best buddy to Brighton and whilst we went to the gig, he went and had a pub meal and then retired for a nap in the car.

Next thing he knows, the police are tapping on the window, someone had reported that a man had died in his car in a car park :joy:

My dad was a legend.

(Sean) #5

Haha what a cool story and cool dad!

Holy moly, seeing them in ‘86 with Run DMC… that’s a golden period of Hip-Hop history there…

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(Sean) #7

Early Kanye. Great Curtis Mayfield sample.


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Underrated storyteller. Superb sample of Bobby Caldwell’s ‘Open Your Eyes’.


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(Henry) #10

I have to say I struggle with the notion that there are people who can’t even deal with looking at Hip-Hop titles as if it is some affront to them. But hopefully Qobuz will give them a place to stare exclusively at dusty old Jazz titles! :joy: And I say that as someone who has way more Jazz in my collection than Hip-Hop! A lot of this is new to me so keep them coming!

(Wayne Bull) #11

A few Old School Classics…And no swearing which is a rarity in a lot of today’s releases.

(Mark Edwards) #12

Yes, yes and yes.

(Mark Edwards) #13

And a personal favourite from when I was 16 ish:

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(Tim Rhodes) #15

Some great choices already :grinning:

For your consideration…

(Sean) #16

Didn’t take long for Tribe to make an appearance. Classic… :+1:

(Sean) #17

DJ Premier on production.


(Sean) #18

Still gets a party rockin :grin:


(Sean) #19

Legendary sample of Bobby Caldwell’s ‘What you won’t do for love’


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