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I thought it was good… but on the Joe Budden podcast, they broke down Jay’s verse on this. I’m a bit late but I’m now jumping on the bandwagon that this is verse of the year, not just ‘good’ :grin:

I have to make a guilty confession… I’m not really as much of a lyrical Hip-Hop fan as I am a music production fan - the beats and maybe the flow of the rapping. I don’t usually pay too much attention to lyrics and I’m focusing more on the music behind the vocals.

But when everyone starts talking about specific lines and verses, I then go and pull up the lyrics to see what all the fuss is about and that’s when I get hyped and jump on bandwagons :smile:

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Love the production on the title track. Who doesn’t love a bit of sax :grin:

Samples “I Found the Girl” by Toney Fountaine.



I love lyricism but I do follow producers too. I seem to especially enjoy albums where a single producer takes the helm for deep collaboration.

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Amazeballs :grin:


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Great to see the legendary Scott Storch back in good health.

The story of Dr. Dre’s ‘Still Dre’, written by… Jay-Z.

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Featuring the classic samples of Michael McDonald’s "I Keep Forgettin’ and Bob James’ “Sign of the Times”.





The apex of Neptunes-era production.

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Oh yes. Classic.

Most people don’t know how far back Pharrell and Chad go… starting as teenagers working under Teddy Riley in the very early 90’s… and Pharrell’s influence/genius isn’t slowing down at all.

He really is an ageless vampire :grin:


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Love this production by John Cunningham. Simple but still very melodic.


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The Drake effect - blurring the lines between rapping and swinging.


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Rick Ross on a Justice League production is always something special.


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The original in Justice League’s Maybach Music collection. Their trademark cinematic production.


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Off the new album.


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The boss’s playlist - his picks for best of 2018 :grin:

Some cool picks by the 49 year old.

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My Hip-Hop album of the year…