NRFY Suggestions Could Be Improved

I rarely use the NRFY feature and dipping my toes in again just confirms my decision.

What does one have to play for Valence to think I could possibly be interested in the sound of rain or rest and relax with nature therapy sounds?



Maybe it’s trying to tell you something :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Just happened to me too. The first page of NRFY has 15 albums of this (s)tripe. I have no interest in the genres of Calming Cat Music, Dog Music Dreams or Spiritual Fitness Music.



Mine is worse, its recommending JAZZ. URGGGHHH

It could be worse… ,it could start recommending Rap…

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It could be worse, it could be recommending [fill in something other people like but i don’t like so it must not be good]


Are these supposed to be played for the pets in question or to calm the owners? Curious.

Where did all this easy-listening reissue junk come from?

Hades, is my guess. Maybe a mall music store from 1988?


Makes one wonder about Qobuz’s long-term sustainability…

There are all kinds of people in this world. Publishers cater to them all.

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But at the very least Roon should be able to filter out that junk, which is totally unlikely anything I ever listen to. Since this is in my professional expertise: I suspect that Valence ranking is vulnerable to aliasing, where junk content that was not present in model training is embedded close to “good” relevant content and thus ranked high.

All of the junk is issued by a series of labels with names “Monsters of Music …” clearly a spam source. Spam filtering anyone?

You may want to keep an eye on this one here:

We’ve got a ticket in with support and issues affect both Tidal and Qobuz.

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Yeah, there’s been more of that getting through than typical lately. Our team is working on filtering this content out — I don’t have any timelines, but hopefully it should be a bit better soon.

Why Qobuz? It’s Roon Valence issue, no?

Because as a distributor, Qobuz should not be distributing deceptive junk. Roon should fix their ranking algorithm, but it’s costly to fight a filtering arms race against spam that Qobuz should not have accepted on their platform to start with.

There is a tremendous amount of junk on all streaming services. Unless you can quantify Qobuz has more than others, to me your particular issue here is Roon Valence.

Anyway looks like it should get fixed.

Spammers always say that everyone spams.

Putting words aside can you quantify Qobuz has more junk than others?

If not then???

Anyway this will go in circles.

Roon will fix Valence and will sort this out.