NUC Crash after ROCK Install

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So, followed thru all the instructions to install ROON Rock OS on to NUC.

All went fine on the first attempt. ROON OS installed and loaded up fine showing IP to access via web.

And in doing so, I noticed the Roon Database and Settings got installed on the SSD’s 500GB and the internal Music Storage only showed 14GB.

Thinking this was mix up, up I went for a second clean install of the ROON Rock. And since I’ve been unsuccessful in getting the OS to load up successfully. I get a mount filesystem message with a ton of options none of which I can pick or load.

Basically stuck here. Unable to load - tried to reinstall several more times and same results. Will try to upload an image this screen if possible.


Do you have 2 hard drives in the Nuc, or just 1. If it is just one, then that is the OS drive and cannot be used for storage. If 2, remove the storage drive, install Rock, then put in the storage dri e and format it from the web interface

Your drive you want your data on is only 14gb. Are you using a NUC with Optane memory? If you try to put the database there it may well be too small. Optane is for speeding up a NUC with Windows. It isn’t really for hosting an OS and Roon database. I do believe some got it to work but I can’t imagine they had decent sized collections. You need a minimum 64gb in that slot.

Thank you for the feedback as such.

Yes, this NUC does have an Optane memory card - which is showing up a secondary storage space of 14GB as noted in my initial ask.

That said, I did remove this card and booted the device by reinstalling ROCK - and wah-lah, install was successful and was able to get back in to make the necessary configuration updates to complete the process.

For now I’ll leave the Optane memory card on my desk instead of the NUC.

Thank you very much for such accurate and fast responses!


You have no music storage now though. Are you OK with that?

Just realized this late yesterday after I was done playing with Tidal

I have a USB device plugged in to the ROCK but as you noted unable to copy anything as the OS has taken the entire 500gb to itself.

Any suggestions here?

You need to get an M.2 SSD, minimum 64gb to go where the Optane memory went. Disconnect the 500gb drive, install to the new drive and go from there.

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I keep my music external to the ROCK on a USB 3.0 drive. I don’t bother with the internal drive as the external drive is easier.

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Previous thread found here: NUC Crash after ROCK Install

Which made perfect sense given this feedback of the community.

I picked up a 64GB SSD, and installed the OS on it as opposed to the 500GB internal SSD

Having done so, the OS still crashes. The same as my original post and screenshots as such.

However, here is another one from today.

Any other ideas?

The root filesystem isn’t mounted, so the init (boot) process has failed. It would seem that the bootloader can’t find the filesystem and panics. Did you remove the 500GB SSD when reinstalling?

Hi @omeganebulalyrics,

Previously you mentioned:

That said, I did remove this card and booted the device by reinstalling ROCK - and wah-lah, install was successful and was able to get back in to make the necessary configuration updates to complete the process.

Is the card still removed or did you re-add the card?

I didn’t remove the 500gb drive. I’ll give this a shot today and report back findings as such.

Correct, the 64SSD card replaced the Optane memory slot

Steps taken:

SATA PORT 0: WDC (500GB) unplugged/removed;
SATA PORT 2: LITEON (64GB) plugged and OS installed

Boots up fine;

Next, plugged 500GB back in, updated BIOS to reflect boot order to PORT 2 (screenshots below)

System crashes with the same exact hard errors as noted in my initial post.

At this point, I’ve removed the 64GB device as was before.

??? What am I missing.

Many thanks

Hi @omeganebulalyrics,

Just to verify — Things work fine with only the 64 GB drive installed running the OS, but when you try to use the 500 GB drive that was previously used to run ROCK on you start crashing — Is that correct?

Yes this is accurate.

Doesn’t boot to OS w/ 500ssd in place. Or vice versa.

Hi @omeganebulalyrics,

From what you have mentioned it appears that ROCK is installed on both the 500GB SSD and the new 64GB SSD, which is causing issue with ROCK properly booting.

There are a few ways to proceed, but the end goal would be formatting the 500GB SSD fresh and using it to only host the music library and not the OS itself. Options are as follows:

  1. Boot into an alternate file system on your NUC (such as Ubuntu) and format the 500GB SSD drive using the other file system. You can create a bootable version of Ubuntu and perform this operation, more info on how to create a bootable version of Ubuntu can be found here. Formatting drives via Ubuntu can be done by using these instructions.

  2. You can use an external Hard Drive enclosure and connect the enclosure to a different Operating System and format it that way.

  3. You can physically connect the 500GB hard drive via SATA as part of another PC and use a different Operating System to format it fresh.

In my opinion, the first option would be the easiest, but do let us know how it goes after the 500GB drive is formatted.

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Yes, you Rock!