NUC i5 Directory Import Issue. Laptop i7 no issues?

Hi Roon Support,

I currently have a successful Roon core/player install on a laptop.
My laptop has:
8GB ram
500 GB SSD
i7-6500 CPU
Its a lenovo Yoga 930 i think

I have another PC which has the following specs:
With over 40GB SSD space free.
CPU spec:

Both PC’s run windows 10 home edition.

I store music on a USB external HDD.
Its 4TB, connected via USB 2.0.

I would like to understand why the music import fails on the i5, but is successful on the i7.
When completing the import on my flac directory (WAV directory is fine,and imports without issue), the software freezes and shutdown, on the Nuc i5.

Reopening the software, sees the software shutdown again.
If I turn off the USB hard drive, the software functions fine and opens.

Here is an image of the added directories, with the USB drive switched off:

This directory imported fine on my laptop.
The HDD holds 555GB of flac, 27,803 files, 185GB WAV, 4925 files.

Any ideas? I only have 4 days left on a trial, and according to the roon specs, the Nuc i5 should be ample. I’m reluctant to buy without this resolved, and/or an understanding why this is happening.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @grizaudio, I wonder whether the older i5 machine has an issue? It’s a guess but could there be an overheating issue when the import takes place? If you’re importing an identical library it seems unlikely that there’s anything in there that is crashing the i5. Older machines can suffer with broken fans or blocked vents. When they’re made to work hard the CPU becomes too hot and the machine shuts down. Alternatively, that’s a pretty old NUC, what’s the board spec?

Hi there,

The PC is fine.
Its my Office work horse, I use it every day.
No overheating. The CPU is not that taxed by the import.

I have another HDD with the same music collection. I’m trying that drive at the moment.
I ran a chkdsk, on the original drive, it has no issues, but it is formatted in Fat32 for a different player.

My alternate drive is NTFS.

I’ll report back.

Fair enough
You’re answer suggests you’ve got a decent handle on potential straightforward issues. To be clear the i5 NUC is your office workhorse? If so is running Roon additional duties or are you repurposing it as a dedicated music server?

Its my work PC.
Atm, I am simply trialling Windows 64 Roon software, to see how it runs as a core on an older Nuc (which is within Roons requirements I believe).

I don’t use Roon during the day, so the PC will only do music duties at night, after work.

Well it crashed again, with a different HDD.
The PC works absolutely fine otherwise.

Very weird.
Wav loads in no issue!

Possibly something along these lines? It’s where I’d start.

I’m not sure.

This link doesn’t make sense, understanding that my files import perfectly via the laptop.
Roon tags and manages the content not windows.

Presumably if you disable the FLAC folder and then plug in the USB drive all is well and you see your WAV files and can play them?

Roon does at least parse FLAC tags as you can use them to override its own metadata. I have no idea if it does this at import but it appears that your problem is FLAC import related. If you’re confident that the hardware is fine then software support for FLAC seems a logical line of enquiry.

My hypothesis is Roon reads some mangled value from a FLAC tag which causes a crash. It is just a guess given your situation.

Correct Wavs play no issue if i disable the flac directory.
But I don’t have this issue on the Laptop.

But you’re assuming that the two Windows installs are identical and offer consistent support for FLAC and your tags. I’d try to add a couple of FLAC albums in a new folder and see if that triggers the issue. You’ll then know if it’s overall FLAC support or something about the contents of the FLAC folder at least, i.e. problems with a subset of FLAC files.

The log may offer a clue as to whether it’s stumbling on a particular file.

I have segregated my flac library into 3 smaller sets for importing.
I’ll see what happens.
Doesn’t make sense though

How do I provide a log?

First set imported fine.

I’m a Linux user so my log files are under /var/roon/RoonServer/Logs but Windows will be a different location.

Here’s a log entry showing my own instance struggling with FLAC tags

RoonServer_log.txt:08/31 09:56:16 Warn: [storage] [directory] Failed to extract tags from '/music/ssd/Wagner, Richard/Wagner Tristan und Isolde; FurtwanglerPORoyal Opera Covent Garden Chorus/19 - 019 Act 1 04 Nun leb wohl, Brangäne!.flac': UnsupportedFormat

Issues rarely make sense until you tie them down :wink:

So we know that FLAC support is OK :slight_smile: that’s progress. It appears that there’s a particular file or files causing the issue.

Yes, correct. Thanks. But why would this be different between PC’s?

Put another way, unless you’ve kept every software installation and update in lockstep across both machines why would they be identical? That’s to say nothing about hardware specific support, like drivers.

FWIW I’m still thinking tag processing but am far from certain.

ok it just crashed.

Presumably on a particular subset?

You could just divide them down until you find the problem, I’d check the log first though. Divide and conquer may prove tedious.