NUC install - n00b questions

I am about to begin the install of ROCK on a new Core i5 fanless NUC which will arrive later today.
I will follow the steps from the knowledge base (update the BIOS, flash the .gz file etc).
My questions are (hopefully) basic:

  1. Once in place, the NUC will only be connected to ethernet (no keyboard, no monitor). How do I access the NUC from another PC (e.g. laptop on the same LAN)? Is there a URL? or just the IP address? Something else?

  2. Once I pay for my lifetime Roon license using the browser on my PC, how do I activate it on the NUC?

  1. Via the web management page, or from within the Roon app, running on a PC/Mac/iPad/etc… either with http://rock.local or its IP address.
  2. You enter the license from within the Roon app. Don’t worry, you will be prompted for it!

1 see the following

2 You sign in to Roon on the Settings, Account with the login you created on your pc.

thank you all :slight_smile:

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I have a follow-up question.
On my Auralic Altair, using LightningServer, I have over 25,000 albums. I asked Roon to scan the same directory on my NAS (\diskstation\music) and it only returned 18500 albums, missing almost a third of my library.
I checked ‘skipped files’ and it shows a long list of files as either being unsupported (DSF and DFF files) or corrupt (CD Rips of large box sets mostly). All of these files are recognized and played without problem using LightningServer. I hve since gone back and added the specific folders where these files reside (instead of the main directory) and the album count is going up as I write this. What did I miss? Do I need to add every folder in the tree, down to the actual albums?

Often music collections will need some “massaging”, and box sets particularly. I rename the files prepending the disk number, though you can also use different folders. More info here: What can I do to improve my metadata matches?

For Box sets, I can sort of see how that might be an issue. But I also have a whole bunch of single-disc DSD albums, which are also stuck in the’skipped files’ limbo. Example: Nat King Cole - The very thought of you. With the message ‘audio stream format not supported’. But the files are DFF and play fine through my Altair when I use LightningServer…

Maybe you could look at this thread about dff dsf

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Thanks Philomelos. Trying to buy a DFF-DSF converter at the moment, which will add another 30 or so albums to the Roon library.

Update: I just converted a DFF album to DSF and forced a rescan. Still no-show in Roon…

And, for comparison, I just extracted a SACD ISO into DSF using Sonore ISO2DSD, then imported that to Roon and it showed up immediately…
Time to get @support involved ?

I’ll start a separate thread for support with the skipped files, as everything else is now working fine.

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