NUC running really hot with latest update

I’ve been having problems with my NUC running hot for a while but - until the latest update - it seemed to have stabilised somewhat. The problem seemed to be with background tasks - because it was happening regardless of whether it was playing music.

With the latest update, the NUC is now running very hot while playing music. It’s definitely hotter than before. I can hear the fan in quieter passages of music - which has never happened before.

The NUC is an i5. It’s in its original case and is well ventilated - its sitting on some cabinetry in the open.

I am not using any filters but I am using a USB connection from the NUC to my amplifier’s DAC.

Happy to provide the logs.


I’ve moved this to the support area.
What OS are you using on the NUC.
Have you checked it’s not bunged up with dust?

Thanks, Ged. It’s a ROCK and no, it doesn’t seem to be a dust problem.


Most of the reports I’ve seen about Nucs running hot have ended with it turning out to be on the way out.

Hi @Gareth_Jolly,

As Ged mentioned, most cases of this tend to stem from hardware-related issues. We’ll enable diagnostics on your account and take a look to see if anything seems abnormal on the Roon side of things with our team, but if things look okay there it is definitely possible that you’ll want to look into the hardware.

Please note that, due to the holidays, the queue for the team is a bit longer than usual. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can with our findings.

Thanks, that would be great. Is only 12 months old - they have a 3 year warranty, fortunately, I think.

I suppose they’ll replace it without the unit totally failing?

I’ve seen threads where people have returned due to overheating, always depends on the retailer and your service rep of the day!:blush:

Thanks - much appreciated. If you do see anything on the diagnostics, let me know - I won’t try to return it for at least a week


Just to throw one more thing into the mix - seems strongly connected with the usb output. Temperature is warm, but ok, when playing to other, network ouputs. Where it really get hot, is outputting to the USB


Think its died… thanks for your help and advice everyone, will package it up and send it back to Intel.

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