NUC running ROCK crashing / losing connection

Hi All,
I’m having the exact same issue. Installed Roon Rock on Nuc on 6th of Sept. Since than added my Tidal account and it scanned my NAS. Since the afternoon of the 7th of Sept any Roon client (windows / IOS / Mac) started to loose connection after 2 - 3 seconds of being openend. The Core Web UI stayed alive and working (reboot) still worked.

Just renamed the “Roonserver” folder to “Roonserver_old”.
Started a client
Had to connect the client “to different core”…which makes sense…the client thinks it’s a new core.
Only added my Tidal account.
Checked my files for Toad the wet sprocket and was indeed on my storage.
Removed “toad the wet sprocket”.

Q: Before I let the core connect to the NAS again, are there any other songs that can cause the same behaviour?

Thank you!

Hi @arjan_kleinveld,

We believe that the issue you mentioned relating to the Toad The Wet Spocket album was resolved for any new imports of the album. Since this was a recent install, I don’t think that this is likely to be the issue here.

Just to confirm, with only TIDAL imported, things are working for you?

If you import your local media does the issue return? How many tracks total are in your library?

Hi @dylan,

I’ve not imported the NAS yet. Only Tidal and stable now for 32 hours or so. No connection issues since.
The NAS is working for all my other files and also stable.

The music folder is a mess and needs cleaning, but it’s 392 GB, 31498 files (not only songs, but prob 97% songs), 2502 folders. It’s a combination of FLAC, MP3 and some misc formats.

While the connection issues were happening I turned off Background Audio Analyses and On-Demand Audio Analyses. At that time it didn’t help (but maybe it was already in error).

Anyway, I can import the library as is or clean it a bit (folder depth is maybe an issue?) or if you want grant access to you (it’s a synology).

Let me know. thanks!

I think this is a great idea. If you have the space, I’d make a whole new Music area and slowly move what you want to keep there.

Hi @arjan_kleinveld,

Definitely give re-importing a try and, if you’re still having issues, we can enable some diagnostics and take a look at what you’re experiencing. Cleaning your music library up a bit may also be helpful as Daniel suggested.

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