NUC WiFi cards support in ROCK

Hi @support was wondering what intel NUC WiFi cards does rock support?

Hi @support help here would be appreciated.

Hey @CrystalGipsy – we don’t have a list of supported devices, since this is not something we test in-house or recommend.

I do know for sure that the on-board wifi on the NUC8 will not work.

WiFi dongles work on NUC/ROCK.
I’m using this one: CSL USB 3.0 Wireless AC1200 Dual-Band WiFi Network Adapter

I’m not planing on using it as core for this unit, only as an audio endpoint. I guess I will just have to try some out and hope they work. I cant get hardwired to where it will live. If nothing works will have to settle with a wifi bridge to ethernet.

Might be my only hope Obi Wan. Thanks