NUC10i3FNK2 Roon Core Kit slow

Hi everyone,
I know that there are many users asking this question but I have not found an answer.
I’ve installed Roon optimized core kit on my Nuc10i3FNK2 (8Gb ram and 128 ssd nvme) and streaming tracks on tidal and qobuz is so slow. When I click on a track I’ve to wait at least 5 to 10 seconds before the song is played (I have already reinstalled the core kit, the Ip is static and the DNS used are from google).
Before Intel Nuc I’ve used my Pc as Roon core server and everything was so fast on all my devices. (Pc with i9 9900Ks, nvme 1tb, 32 gb 4133mhz). I don’t want to start my gaming Pc everytime I want to listen to music so I decide to switch to an intel nuc that is on 24h 7/7.
I use roon ONLY FOR STREAMING, no tracks stored.
Could someone help me to solve this slowness problem? (Sorry for my english but I’m italian).
Thank you

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How many track’s do you have in total from both your local files and streaming service?

Edit just saw you said no local, so how many total from streaming?

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I think you already indicated the issue.
The system you are now using isn’t comparable. You can add more memory but the i3 processor is a far cry from the i9 you had. It will be the processing bottleneck. It should work fine for your need, but it will be lagged in comparison.

Fast, cheap, reliable. Pick any 2.


I know that an i3 isn’t that powerful but, correct me if I’m wrong, even the official roon nucleus has an i3 and I don’t think that suffer from this problem.
Thank you for your answer anyway

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An i3 will be ok unless you have an enormous library, then it and 8gb ram might struggle.
So how many tracks?
That might help us here
Thank you

Only streaming from my new account on tidal created 2 weeks ago so songs that I stream are at least 100 or less. Not local files Only streaming! Thank you

So not library size…lol.
How is it connected to the network?
Same as your gaming PC or?
Hardwired through a switch?

Intel nuc connected directly on a Netgear xr1000 as my gaming PC. :frowning:

I just want to emphasize that local vs streaming doesn’t matter in terms of processing needs of your Roon server. Files added to your database from streaming sources take the same amount of database effort as local files. So the processing demands on a library of 1000 streaming only files and 1000 local files are the same.

Thank you. So the problem is the i3 processor?

Support should look at your logs as anything else is just a guess. I would use a reserved IP on the router or just leave it at DHCP, rather than setting a static IP on the device, though. (and not saying this is your issue).

I would review the settings of the Netgear. As a gaming router it might have some network prioritization code which is causing a delay.

iP reserved and no prioritization on any device (prioritization balanced on all devices). Thank you for your suggestion. Maybe the support could help me in some way.

An i3 is more than adequate for streaming to multiple zones with some DSP. The lag has nothing to do with machine specification; my NUC8i3BEH running ROCK is responsive with no lag whatsoever.

Maybe try changing the cable between the NUC and your router?

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There should not be any delays whatsoever using Roon with a normal library and a wired core. If the network is set up correctly and the endpoint in question is on a stable connection you should never notice any delay whatsoever.
The NUC10i3 is a very capable processor for a ROCK device and NOT a bottleneck here, however slower than the i9 in your desktop.
Let’s see if support can gather some information from your logs!

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I’ll try but it s a brand new cat 8 30 cm…

No changes as expected with another cable…

What is your endpoint then? Direct to DAC or what?

Intel nuc core kit - router - PC -usb dac. This is what I’m currently using.
If I use the PC as roon core everything is perfect (I re-tried now).

Please try taking your PC out of the equation, connect the USB DAC directly to the NUC. Just as a test. I think your PC has got firewalls/antivir/malware or other settings that interfere?

I tried with the phone, with a tablet, with a mac and yeah…excluding pc but still the same. Now I’m listening roon with my android phone (the server is the nuc) and everything is so slow… But if I install the core server on my Pc all the endpoints are fast as the pc. The problem is only on the nuc. I don t use antivirus\roon has all the permissions on the firewall. I m getting tired of this… Thank you anyway for your help