NUC8i3BEH - Will get support in the future?

Hey all,
Found a NUC8i3BEH on sale at a local store and am considering making the purchase to use for my Core/ROCK OS build. However, I did notice the recent change in support for Gen 8 NUCs and was a bit hesitant–can we expect support for Gen 8 + ROCK in the upcoming future?

Thanks in advance, excited to begin the Roon experience.

Some issues are being investigated:

Any pointers to what these issues are, I was just about to build a NUC8 for Roon?

I bought a NUC8i7BEH just two and a bit weeks ago based on the fact it was on the ROCK Supported list, and pre-purchase I posted on the Roon forum that this was my intended ROCK platform and asked if it was this a good plan.

My ROCK seems to be working , however you cannot simply withdraw support like this, I have spent £650 on the NUC, £70 on the endpoint and only two days ago £387 on a Roon Lifetime licence.

And having done this someone is saying the Roon will no longer support me???

@support this is an outrage!!! what is the issue and how can you possibly justify withdrawing support when I have spent so much money on this because it was supported. You should be stepping up support to get the issue fixed, not withdrawing and leaving us in an expensive lurch.

Have I been mislead into a big expensive mistake?

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You know, of course, that you don’t need ROCK to use Roon.

Roon works just as well running on a NUC8 with WIN10.

There’s no SQ improvement running ROCK on a NUC versus running WIN10 on the same NUC.

From what I can see, there are a number of people using 8th Gen NUC with ROCK so I don’t think you’ve made an expensive mistake. I’m planning to buy a NUC8i5 for the purpose of being a Roon core.

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Apart from the fact that it’s at the mercy of the pitfalls of updates, re-boots etc. I wouldn’t want to go to the expense of buying a NUC specifically for Roon and then running it on Win10. To each his/her own, I suppose.

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You don’t need ROCK to run Roon and you don’t need a dedicated NUC to run Roon.

It runs perfectly well on any modern NUC w/WIN10, either dedicated or multi-purpose.

He may mean he doesn’t want to deal with Windows, ever.

Plus ROCK (like Nucleus) is a ‘headless’ experience after it’s installed - so no Windows, no keyboard, no monitor, no mouse…

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Respectfully: I realise that and that’s not what I was saying…

Exactly. I’m not a rabid anti-Windows guy (I use Win10 on my main PC) but I don’t see why you’d opt for that over ROCK if the entire purpose of the NUC was solely to act as Roon core.


I don’t blame you. The ROCK (and Nucleus) solution is mostly a ‘set it and forget it’ solution.

So this model was added to the approved list 6 March and then removed 8th May… major bummer for those that purchased inside the 2 month window but hopefully the issues get sorted and it’s re-added to the supported list.

I’m sure the Roon team are doing everything possible to work through the issues.


Respectfully, I don’t understand why people go to the expense of buying a NUC solely to run Roon on.

The are so much more effective and pressing things on which to spend one’s audio money than a computer, but whatever.

I’m sure support for NUC8 devices will be added back for ROCK very soon.
In the meantime your configuration works, I would keep it like that & don’t make any software updates to ROCK, Roon Core or Remotes until support is available again.

Easy to understand if you put yourself in my shoes… my old man (dad) can’t use a computer… just about the only thing he can do is boot it up and load TeamViewer, for me to talk control of it from a different state…

I didn’t like the constant TeamViewer sessions… I bought him a NUC for running ROCK and this solved everything, very quickly and easily… it’s a ‘set it and forget it’ solution

So you can imagine how much I love the ROCK solution :grin:

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Yeah, I guess I see your point, and you know me, I like shiny objects as much as anyone.

ROCK on a purpose bought NUC only starts to become a problem when people have to agonize over whether it’s supported.

I’m done hijacking this thread, now.

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ROCK works fine on NUC8 except for the lack of Wifi drivers. A repeater can fix that.

There’s no agonizing needed. The list is very clear (and not that big) and people can simply ask before they buy, to be sure.

This is the first time I’ve seen a model added and then removed. I’m sure Roon don’t want that to happen again in future.

I am sure Roon will support the guy above who bought this when it was on their recommended list.
I doubt they will just refuse him support

Just for those of you who find this information helpful:

The NUC8i3BEK has been running with me since January with ROCK without any problems.

Best Regards

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