Nucleus and McIntosh D 100

I have a Roon nucleus output via USB to a McIntosh D100 digital preamplifier, and am unable to get the output to work. Do I need a driver update to get this to work? The bit rate appears and disappears randomly. In troubleshooting, the same cable hooked to a music hall DAC works with out fail. Please advise

Power cycle the McIntosh.

Try using a different USB cable.

I tried the same into a Mc DA1 DAC and had occational problems with recognition. My solution was to use Nucleus on the LAN and bought a streamer like Roon recommends. Sound quality definitely improved IMO. Recognition problems vanished. Good luck.

Didn’t the D100 have a custom driver for the USB connection? Perhaps that’s not loaded in the Nucleus, or perhaps the McIntosh needs a firmware update.

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From what I can tell,
McIntosh does have a driver for PC or Mac that should be installed on the output device but not on the DAC itself.
I am wondering if the driver can be installed on the nucleus.
Can a driver be installed on the nucleus and if so, please advise as to how?