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Does anyone have an issue with very short power outages and their nucleus?

I might be experiencing an issue with a very slight (generator does not even go on) power outage and my Nucleus shutting down for several minutes, even though nothing else on my circuit goes down.

@support @noris @jamie @danny So it looks like there may be some power management issue with my Nucleus. If i have my AVR and my Nucleus on the same power strip and very quickly turn the power off, my AVR boots up within 10 seconds, while the Nucleus needs 5-10 min to power up. Is this normal behavior?

Sounds like you need a UPS.

Also, from what I witness on this forum, Nucleus models don’t handle power interruptions very well. It seems that power interruptions have the potential to irretrievably damage the M.2 drive, not to mention the possible corruption of the database.

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@xxx Whats kind UPS? Do you have a link?

APC is a common brand. If you just put the Nucleus on it, then you don’t need anything heavy duty.

Mine runs on a pure sine wave CyberPower UPS. Never had any problems with the cheap SMPS except noise.

Thanks. yes just the Nucleus. Would this be sufficient ?

So it looks like there might be some power issue. If I disconnect the power supply for a second,and reconnect it the nucleus takes about 5 minutes to reboot.

To reboot, or for the Roon Core to start servicing Roon Remotes and Roon Clients?

A reboot should only take a few seconds, and then the Web Administration page should show up. The time for the Core to be up and fully running is dependent on the size of the library. How many tracks do you have in your library?

Yes for the core to fully power back up. I have about 1000 local tracks. If I just hit the power button it turns on within a second or two.

Do you have tracks from Qobuz and/or Tidal added to your library - they count as well…

I that case, 12000. But I’m not sure why it takes so long to power up on a power disruption?

It does seem longer than I would expect. My ROCK/NUC has 60,000 tracks, and it takes 1 minute 45 seconds for Roon to come online after a reboot.

Yes if i reboot from the IU or hit the power button on the nucleus it will reboot instantly. My issue seems to be on a power interruption.

Hi @Larry_Gelman ,

I’ve activated diagnostics for your account and I do notice RoonServer abruptly ends at times, even while music is playing. I would strongly suggest adding an APC to your setup as soon as possible.

Power outages can negatively impact the Roon database stability and SSD health. I am not seeing any SSD errors at the moment, but continued power outages may cause further instability.

You may also want to try an Operating System Reinstall from the Web UI in case there are any issues with the operating system after the power surges.


@noris . Thank you for looking into this!
I purchased this on. Should it be sufficient? Only plugging the Nucleus to it.

@Larry_Gelman - Yes, any APC that provides enough power until your grid is back online should be fine.

@noris So had the Nucleus connected to the APC with uninterrupted service for 48 hours. Crashed about an hour ago. Then again just now.

@noris . I can also verify there was no slight/temporary power outages.

Maybe you need to crank up that new Mac Mini. Did you ever try replacing the M.2 in your Nucleus?