Nucleus+ Chirping

Hi @Kristofa,

Is analysis being or importing being performed? If you go to Settings > Library and disable all analysis settings temporarily and then reboot do the sound still sound the same?

Hi Dylan. I will try this when I get home at 5:30 Pm PST.

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Okay, so I turned off the two analysis options in the Library setting. Nothing else said analysis.

During the initial reboot, again, there was no sound.
When it came back up, it started to scan my library of around 83k tracks. There was the steady sound I described in my last reboot test.

It appears when it is stable that the sound is loudest and repetitive. I will leave it on if you are still doing diagnostics, but the sound is starting to bother me, and I may need to shut down the Nucleus during the hours I am in my living room and not playing music… at least until this issue is resolved.

Let me know what else I can try on my end.

It appears to be quieter at the moment to where I hear it 1 meter away instead of 2 and 3 meters, but I will listen again in the morning.

Good morning!

Morning update (with fresh ears)

As with last night, the sound seems quieter but still there, and the sound is the same repetitive high pitch that I recorded for you.

We are on the right track, it seems, and thank you again for helping us get to the bottom of it! :blush:

Hi Dylan,

Has there been any movement on this issue? Is there anything else I need to do to eradicate that sound? I have moved it to a lower shelf again to reduce the distance of its sound range. My fear is that all reviews have stated this should be a quiet device due to no moving parts, and that my unit may fail at some point because it is not silent.

The unit is on and connected to the network.



Hi @Kristofa,

Apologies for the delay, our QA team has queue times that are a little longer than typical right now due to current ongoing testing. I was able to chat with the team today, though, and upon further analysis they see that the device is running background metadata updates (which can take some time to complete depending on library size). During this time it is possible that the device might be a bit noisier than usual due to this increased processing.

Outside of this, the team has not found anything unusual about the device that would cause it to behave any differently than other Nucleus+ devices. There was an issue that was resolved (and you’re on the update that addressed this), but outside of that the noise that you might here would likely come from standard processes requiring the Nucleus to use more processing power (like the metadata updates I mentioned).

For now, we recommend giving the metadata update process some time and perhaps move the Nucleus back to the original location see if things are better for you in the near future.

I see.

Does this mean that the sound I recorded for you is what every Nucleus+ that you sell sounds like when it is in a steady state? This is the sound of the unit even when the Ethernet cable is unplugged, so there is no access to the network hard drive or internet. I have left it unplugged from the network overnight, and this morning the sound has not changed. As I have stated multiple times, the only time the sound isn’t there is when it is booting up or is completely shut down.

You have not commented on the sound on the recording and imply in your last message that any sound I MIGHT hear may be the Nucleus+ running analysis. What I hear is the sound I recorded for you and your team. So it isn’t really a silent unit from 1 meter away?

I took your advice and moved it to a lower shelf to mask the sound. Is that what I need to do? Mask this sound?

I think I might ask other Nucleus+ users if the recorded sound is on all of their units too.

I forgot to add that the Nucleus+ No longer recognizes any audio devices, my networked drive, nor can it access Qobuz or Tidal. Therefore, the Nucleus+ has not had anything to analyze for the week it has been like this, but I can still hear that chirp uninterrupted in its sound (see post above and original video).

I will be dealing this this new Library issue via its own support ticket.

I conducted a fresh reinstall and database build after Roon Support diagnoses my database was corrupt.

UPDATE: after two full days following a fresh reinstall and database build, the sound I provided in the video is still not there. Perhaps the sound was connected to the corrupted database in some way.

Hopefully when future customers explain the unusual sound their Nucleus is making, my example can help Roon Support better troubleshoot the issue and even possibly anticipate database failure.

I will update this ticket if the sound returns.

Hi all, the sound returned after five days.
For five days after reinstalling the library database from scratch, the only sounds I heard were general analysis “crunching” sounds during reboot startup or library/database analysis. During those five days, I would wake up in the morning and walk to the Nucleus+ to find it was quiet. I still listen to the Nucleus+ each morning because I figure that is when it has been unused for eight hours and the most likely time that it is not analyzing anything (per Dylan’s initial prognosis).

The sound is unchanged from the video I provided.

I have been attempting to troubleshoot on my own over that time. Here is what I have tried:

Adjusting the Background Analysis Speed
Adjusting the On-Demand Audio Analyst Speed
Uninstalling the iPhone app - just because it is buggy and I have had to uninstall it twice since I rebuilt the library from scratch
Disconnecting the network ethernet cable
Disconnecting the USB cable to my Oppo
Scheduling backups
Successfully backing up
Shutting down Nucleus+ for a day

A forum member thought my DSP speeds were slower than should be, so I tried to troubleshoot with comparing other forum members’ DSP speeds–but that backfired a bit because I mentioned the audible issue. Sorry about that.

Any more troubleshooting tips are very welcome!

Hi @Kristofa,

While the Nucleus might be more noisy during intensive processes like metadata updates, it’s possible that there will be noise at other times too. The Nucleus, unlike a streamer or DAC, is a powerful computer and that computing can generate some noise.

Roon’s architecture allows for the heavy lifting of processing audio to be handled by the Core machine, away from your other audio gear. Nucleus owns more intensive processes like library management, queue management, decoding audio streams, communicating with music services, DSP, and more — This allows a much, much lighter load to be on the actual audio gear that you use for critical listening. All of this processing (and potential noise) is handled away from your audio gear and handled all by the Nucleus, which is ideal for achieving the best results.

As we note in our sound quality article, we generally recommend against computers in the listening environment for the reasons outlined above.

If you have any questions about this please let us know!

Are you suggesting that I no longer keep the Nucleus+ in my listening environment because it makes noise?

Can you confirm, based on the repetitive and predictable and consistent sound illustrated in the video I sent you that this is common with all Nucleus+ devices?

I am getting the impression from other forum members that this sound is not what they are experiencing. I will certainly reach out to more forum members and post the video to see if this is the case.

For $2,000 and the Nucleus advertising stating that this is a silent device, being able to hear a repetitive, consistent sound for days does not seem like I would be able to hear this from a meter away (and more) in a quiet environment.


The Nucleus white paper indicates that the Nucleus was built to be in critical listening environments. That is why I purchased it. It keeps my computer, HDD, etc. in another room. Since there are length limits for USB to DAC, the Nucleus would be ideal in the same room as the DAC.

Hey @Kristofa ,

Thanks for following up, it sounds like you’ve been chatting with other Nucleus customers and they’re not experiencing the same noises you’re hearing in your environment.

Are you suggesting that I no longer keep the Nucleus+ in my listening environment because it makes noise?

Nucleus aside, we’ve always recommended that you don’t have any server or computer in your listening environment. I’m sure that feels counter intuitive, but it’s like a movie theater — you’ve got the main seating area, and a sealed projection room where the projector does its work.Listening environments benefit from that same kind of separation. A music server is just like a projector, they both do a lot of heavy lifting that could disturb an audience.

Can you confirm that this is common with all Nucleus+ devices? For $2,000 and the Nucleus advertising stating that this is a silent device, being able to hear a repetitive, consistent sound for days does not seem like I would be able to hear this from a meter away (and more) in a quiet environment.

It’s not common, nor is it unexpected. Nucleus has no fans or moving parts, but electricity still makes noise. Every setup is wired differently, has different acoustics, has different devices, different cables, different library sizes, internet connections, networking gear, and so on. There are lots of variables at play that we just don’t have control over.

It keeps my computer, HDD, etc. in another room. Since there are length limits for USB to DAC, the Nucleus would be ideal in the same room as the DAC.

It’s important to say again, Nucleus is a computer and you should always separate your Roon Core from your audio outputs. Even with a USB DAC, your best bet is to get a Roon Ready network bridge and connect it to your DAC for better sound quality and flexibility.I know this may not have been the resolution you were hoping for, I can tell that you’re seeking 100% silence and I wish there were more we could do. If I could recommend anything, it would be to continue experimenting with different configurations in terms of placement — you may be pleasantly surprised at the results!

From what I understand is that this constant cyclical chirp—which I haven’t been able to find anyone else with the same problem—is something I am stuck with.

The white paper states that the device was designed to be in critical listening environments, but you state otherwise.

I purchased this unit because it was supposed to be silent. I haven’t been able to find someone that has a Nucleus with a constant sound like this. I can hear this constant noise from my listening spot 9 feet away when it is quiet. I have moved it underneath my rack to try and muffle this very annoying sound. I don’t have a single computing device that makes this much noise…and some of them are powerful computers too With moving parts—like you stated this device is and why it makes noise.

I fully intended to support your business by spending $700 on a subscription and buying a Nucleus+ and I honestly thought my issue with this would be handled by resolving this noise issue When it arose, but after the initial diagnostic, there were no further actions other than you suggesting I move this out of my listening area—which would prevent me from using the DSD upsampling features due to USB length limitations. And whichever room I place this, it would be loud.

I request more solutions for this issue, Dylan. I don’t want to be stuck with a device that is noisy (when nobody else seems to have the same issue) and I can’t sell it without telling the potential buyer there is an issue. I feel that Roon is sticking me with a lemon, Dylan, and that is a horrible feeling to have. I haven’t heard from anyone yet as to why Roon wouldn’t want to figure this noise issue out.

I would like to find out why this device makes this constant noise EVEN WHEN NOTHING IS PLUGGED INTO IT EXCEPT ITS STOCK POWER SUPPLY.

Please help Roon make this right. I am not feeling like Roon really wants to make a customer happy.

This is not how the Nucleus is intended to operate, and that seems clear. I wish for replacement Nucleus that does not make this sound constantly when plugged into power.



I apologize for sounding so upset, but I am just so disappointed in my purchase, as I am sensitive to high pitched sounds, and it seems I am sensitive to coil whine. I thought Roon was more like Oppo and expected more attempts at resolution from a company so close to its customer base. I really like what Roon provides and what the Nucleus can do, I just want a unit that doesn’t make constant cyclical sounds and it doesn’t seem like others have the same issue. There is a gap in the top of the case where light comes out, and it just seems like I bought something that wasn’t built as well as your other machines. I don’t want to be stuck with a dud. You MUST understand this.

Hi @Kristofa,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m escalating this to our senior team here and will follow up as soon as I’ve met with them this week. You have my apologies for the ongoing trouble here, Christopher. We’ll be in touch soon.

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