Nucleus crashes with 884 update

I have had my Nucleus up and running now for about 3 years now. It has been working perfectly…until today. While listening this afternoon the music stopped and a message popped up that I had lost connection to the Core. I waited a while and it was eventually re-connected. About an hour later the same thing happened. When it asked if I wanted to change Core I said yes and it took me to a screen displaying my MacBook which I was previously using showing ready and the Roon core was shown as “initializing”. I assume this means it rebooted. I never had these issues when the core was on my MacBook.

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would some one from the nucleus support team kindly help resolve this?

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Hi, @Anand_Iyer, sorry for a late reply, could you, please, follow the instructions described here and provide us logs from your RoonServer on Nucleus?



Hi Ivan

Thanks for your reply!

Here is the link:

Please let me know!

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I have the same issue… following this for resolution.

I also have the same issue and am waiting for @support to tell me the next steps.

Meaning are you sending the logs to the support team?

Hi Ivan Have sent you the logs from my nucleus. In the mean time is there anyway i can go back to the previous version ? Since its been a while since i have been able to list
en to music and it is a bummer…

Hi Ivan , waiting to hear from the support team.
Thank you
Anand Iyer

Hi, @Anand_Iyer, sorry for a late reply. I analysed your logs and it looks like there is an unmanaged crash of RoonServer process. Have you seen this crash appear in the last 2 days, have you rebooted Nucleus in the last 2 days?

I will notify support staff about this case.



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Hi @Anand_Iyer ,

Did you have a chance to reboot the Nucleus? Is the behavior the same after? Let us know!

Hi Noris ,

Here is my setup configuration:

I am using a Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC which has an ethernet port and it’s a Roon ready connection.
I am also using SOtM sMS-200ultra Roon ready streamer, which I have connected with Mola Mola Tambaqui using an USB cable.

All three (DAC, SOtM streamer and Roon Nucleus) are connected to a very good ethernet switch from SOtM.

Now when I play directly from Mola Mola Tambaqui as Roon endpoint, its not giving me any problem.
However when I play using the SOtM streamer the Roon software is losing its connection (after the last roon firmware update). It shows “LOST CONNECTION” , before this update it was working flawless.
Furthermore i always switch off the nucleus everytime i’m done with my music listening via streaming.
Hope you can help me figure out where the problem lies .

Hi @Anand_Iyer ,

That is an interesting observation, so the issue only occurs when playing to the SOtM? If you try to play to another zone like HDMI on the Nucleus, does it give the same issue?

Can you please let us know the time + date when you experience the next crash and leave the Nucleus on after your listening session? We can check to see if diagnostics on the unit provide any useful clues, provided it was not powered off.