Nucleus+ does not boot

No Stefan, can’t reach the Nucleus via the network anymore

Just to be sure, you don’t have a network problem: both LED on the Ethernet-port of your Nucelus are blinking?

Can you ping the Nucelus?

Lots of Nucleus owners have been reporting failed NVMe (boot) drives. Could be that the one provided runs our of writable cells after a few years, depending on library size. Fortunately, NVMe SSD are easy and inexpensive to replace, but i don’t know where Nucleus owners go to download the installer image.

There is just a green light blinking Stefan.

ok, blinking means: There is activity on this port. If you can ping the Nucleus, I tend to agree with David Snyders post. At least it would explain your screenshot

Thank you Mike, Stefan & David for your help. I will now wait for #support / @noris to chime in to see whether there is a possibility to change the (most likely) defect ssd myself.

Hi @Frank_Roesner ,

As others have mentioned, this looks like a faulty SSD issue. Do you know if you purchased the unit less than 2 years ago? If so, then it would still be under warranty and you can get an SSD replacement with your Roon dealer or with us (if purchased directly through our store).

You are also welcome to replace the SSD yourself, load up Roon Optimized Core Kit and then we can re-flash it back to Nucleus firmware from our end. Note: If you choose this route, you must let us know to remotely flash Nucleus firmware after so that the thermal management features are active again.

Please let me know which option you would rather proceed with and I can provide more details, thanks!

Thank you @noris - the nucleus is out of warranty for two month now unfortunately; I’ll try to replace the SSD myself. Few questions:

  • could you please suggest a proper ssd (manufacturer, model, capacity). Would this one work for example: Samsung 970 EVO Plus Internal NVMe SSD 2 TB M.2 2280

  • for installing the software I will need to connect a keyboard to the nucleus; would a Mac Keyboard work? I have a newer keyboard (bluetooth; but with the option of using a cable, lightning port to usb a). And would I need a mouse / trackpad as well?

  • If I have successfully installed Roon Optimised Core Kit on my nucleus would I just need to notify you and you do the rest from your end (until I flash the firmware again?)

Thanks for your support

Hi @Frank_Roesner ,

On Nucleus, we typically use Transcend 110S drives, but others with a similar form-factor can work. I do not suggest putting a 2TB drive in though, since this drive is only for the Operating System and nothing else.

A 128GB/256GB drive is sufficient, largest Roon database size that I’ve seen is ~64GB so I don’t anticipate the size growing past this unless you have a really, really large library.

It should work if the keyboard has Linux drivers, but I can’t say for sure. If it doesn’t work you may need a Generic USB Keyboard.

No, a keyboard should be sufficient.

Yes, after ROCK install, have the unit connected to the network, turned on, and let us know the unit’s serial number and we can flash Nucleus firmware back onto it. No need for you to do any other flashes after ROCK has been installed.

Thanks @noris - last question for today:) shall I order the Transcend TS256GMTE220S 256GB M.2 Ultra High Speed SSD with or without DRAM cache?

Edit: I just realized that 110S means without DRAM cache, whereas 220S stands for with DRAM cache. So without is correct, am I right?

Hi @Frank_Roesner ,

I can’t comment on the difference between the 220S or the 110S, I just know that we typically install 110S into our Nucleus units. If you want, you can try the 220S out, but you may run into issues. Here is a link to the 110S on Amazon:

Would it be possible to purchase one of those and make a clone of the one in my Nucleus Rev B to have a working spare? If so, how to make the clone? Thanks.

Hi @Jim_F ,

You shouldn’t directly clone a Nucleus SSD, but if you want, you can install an SSD with ROCK on the Nucleus, and then we can flash it back to Nucleus firmware from our end, that way you have the previous (already flashed) SSD as a spare.

That’s a good idea. Of course, I could just wait until if fails, if ever. I can use my Dell core in the mean time. Thanks Noris.

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Hi @noris, I sent you a PM with the details you asked for. Thanks for your help

Any particular reason why one shouldn’t? I know some people who have done this over and over again, including myself, without a single issue to report.

I believe that doing a clone would also copy the Nucleus hardware ID saved on the SSD from installation (haven’t specifically tested this but based on my knowledge this would be the case).

If you have two Roon Cores with the same ID, particularly on the same network, then Roon might confuse the two devices as the same device.

It is the same reason why we don’t suggest using the same docker/image on multiple Roon Cores.

Gotcha. I mainly do it so I can replace the SSD with my own, in case of hardware failure, replacing the one that was cloned, not create multiple active Roon cores.

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