Roon Nucleus plus doesn't boot

Hello there.

I have a problem with my Roon Nucleus+ (rev B 1Tb). It’s stopped working recently. Power button is lightning, connected screen flashing for a second, but the player is not booting. I can’t connect to it via network and nothing is on the display.
I can’t bring it to any roon dealer unfortunately. As far as I understand, this can be some problem with SSD. Can I replace it by my self, as it described at this topic:

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community, @Alex_Terechov.

If the Nucleus is less than two year’s old, you can have the NVMe SSD replaced under warranty. However, I’d expect to see a POST message on the display as shown in the thread you linked.

Did you purchase through a dealer or directly from Roon?

If you have an HDMI cable connected, try unplugging that and rebooting. My Nucleus+ would not boot with HDMI connected and required a BIOS update.

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It was about 2 years ago. Bought it from a dealer. So I’m not sure it’s still on a warranty. Need to check.

The display says “No signal”. The same with Samsung TV, checked several different HDMI cables as well.

The same result - can’t connect to it

Will be glad to discuss any suggestions @support

Hi @Alex_Terechov ,

Is there any way you can find the purchase date from a receipt?

It appears that you are located outside the United States, so in this case an RMA is only possible through your Roon dealer.

You can try to perform a CMOS battery reset, this has sometimes helped bring motherboards back to life, there is a video below:

Important - please ensure you apply thermal paste at the end, otherwise the unit can overheat.

Hi @noris
Thanks for your response. I have tried to perform CMOS battery reset twice. Nothing changed, it doesn’t boot

Hey @Alex_Terechov ,

Sorry to hear the CMOS didn’t help. In this case, it sounds like the unit will need a motherboard replacement, which would have to be facilitated through your Roon dealer or through your local area Roon distributor.

I would reach out to your dealer first and see if they can assist with this, but if not, let me know via private message (click my name here → message) and I can check to see if we have someone who can assist in your area. Thanks!

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