Nucleus internal SSD not formatting all 4TB [250GB SSD falsely labelled]

I have a new Roon Nucleus device
Version 1.0 Build 158
Roon Software 1.5 Build 334

I installed a Samsung SSD 860
Model MZ-76E4T0B/AM

After accessing the web page the roon sees the drive.
I selected format, and it finished in and shows
250 GB Samsung SSDD 860
100% of 231 GB available

I was expecting to see 4000GB

Can you please help address this issue

Adding @support so they get notified.

pulled some logs from your Nucleus – it shows that you have this connected to it:

ata1.00: ATA-11: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 250GB, RVT01B6Q, max UDMA/133

I would double/triple check that the drive you think you have in there is exactly what it is. Where did you acquire it from?

I got the drive from amazon. The back Label shows it is a 4tb drive. They are sending me a new one to swap out. I don’t see why the label say 4tb and the drive says 250. Is there any bios or drivers that are needed

no – this drive is being identified by its firmware as 250gb

Ok I will update you Friday when they send a replacement


This why I love Roon. In what other company would the COO dive in and check something like this, when it’s not really his problem. But he can help so he does. Typical of the level of customer service. And people moan about the price!


How much did it cost?

I believe it’s a fake: just moved labels from one disk to another.

Or even easier - replaced by the board from one drive to the board from another.

It’s my SSD in ROCK:

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Amazon has had a lot of trouble with theft in their warehouses, particularly with Intel CPUs. The CPU is either completely missing or someone has stolen an expensive CPU and replaced it with a much cheaper one.

That looks like what happened to you. Probably why Amazon replaced it without a squawk, although they are usually good about that anyway.

The other alternative is that you actually were supplied by a third party vendor selling through Amazon and that they ripped you off. Wouldn’t be the first time. I buy a lot of stuff through Amazon and some of the third party vendors are crooks. Now, I only buy an item that is shipped from Amazon.

Thank you everyone for jumping in with your replies. So to the person that asked about cost, the drive was $1000. To the member who commented about the authenticity, I suspected perhaps this was a fake but the box was in fact sealed with the proper label. Then being new to Roon I thought perhaps this is bios or driver related. I did contact amazon yesterday and ask the to replace the drive, to the member commenting about that, your right, it was a no bull response they sent out a new drive that i will get Friday. thanks and we we look forward to getting this behind me by the weekend. Thanks everyone !

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$1,000 ? Or do you mean $100 ?

The samsung 4TB drive price ranges from $1000 - $1600

Wow I didn’t know they made SSD’s that big

You are putting a 4TB ssd on a Roon Nucleus. It runs ROCK, so I’m assuming that Roon is all you use the machine for. How big is your freaking music collection? If it’s big enough to need 4TB, you probably need a Nucleus+.

Are you sure you need that much, now or in the future?

That’s the beauty of choice :wink:

Just a small clarification here … both ROCK and Nucleus use RoonOS as a base, but because these are embedded platforms, the installs are slightly different.

Your statement is akin to saying “That iMac runs MacBookPro”. Both the iMac and the MacBookPro run MacOS.

Anyway, you are correct in assuming that RoonOS only runs RoonServer and can’t really be used for anything else (yet).

4tb is about 10k albums if all are 44.1k/16bit FLAC. Add some DSD and hi-res in there, and you get even less.This is near the upper end for Nucleus. Assuming the drive is not full, you will be fine with Nucleus.

You had our curiosity, now, you have our attention, @danny… do tell…

I’ve been trying to figure out how to run extensions on RoonOS. The work itself is pretty easy, but it’s all about limits on resources that make this a useful feature while not allowing extensions to hose the machine.

I’m currently working on this with @Jan_Koudijs


Being new here my intention was to have all my music on the local ssd drive installed in the Nucleus. To the question about the size of my library, my current library has about 1700 albums which are uncompressed lossless flac files and i will continue to rips the cd files as such. With that, I would still have a over 1.5 TB free for growth. That is the goal. Perhaps i need a nucleus plus but i am not sure why. if i assume i end up with 50-60,000+ 44.1/16Bit songs and 4-5000 albums uncompressed and lossless in the over the next few years. The only thing i am not sure of is the database capacity limits for what is stored in it with these projections. So by then (a few years) i would assume what ever nucleus product is sold by then will have more capacity, speed, capability, and sufficiently cost justified by the software services offered.

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