Nucleus is Dead

I bought a Nucleus + (Rev B) in October of 2019 from Argenta Solutions Sandy, Utah. SN 54B2030B122B. I have the same issue with Roon completely gone from my network. I troubleshooted it with my dealer today and determined the unit is dead. No power light coming on (despite numerous resets) with the Roon unit and the green lights (there’s only one direct Ethernet connection between my Roon and Arakis router) on either end of the Ethernet cord are not lit. Tried a new Ethernet cord and even tried plugging it into another port on the router. No good either way. The unit is dead. It last connect to my network (per my dealer’s log) three days ago.
Can I send it back to you directly to be fixed or replaced? (I have the original box I think) They can’t get out to my home for at least 2 weeks and my 2 year warranty is rapidly approaching. I want to get the ball rolling as this is my main source of music (over 50,000 tracks and counting).Please provide guidance. Thank you.

Just passing thru here, but if you hook up a monitor to the Nucleus at boot time, you might see a message indicating that the M.2 drive has gone south. There has been trouble with some M.2 drives.

Otherwise, tagging @support for this, but it is the weekend…

If your warranty expires, a bad M.2 drive is easy enough to replace and the Nucleus OS can be reloaded. So, it might be worthwhile to determine if a bad drive is causing the problem. FWIW.

Support requires a new thread for each case. Someone with sufficient authority may be able to split your post into a new thread.

I don’t know enough about Nucleus RMA process, but I’d assume the dealer can take care of it. You’d have to talk to @support to confirm the RMA procedure.

Thank you, that wouid be nice.

I’ve moved your post (and replies) to a new Support thread. One of the Support team will pick up this issue with you after the weekend.

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Thanks Geoff!

I don’t mean to butt into your thread here, but did you try a different wall wart? Sounds like there’s no power to the Nucleus.


Interesting Dave, it’s in a 7 foot high rack and it’s plugged into a power conditioner with 8 inputs. I can easy take it out and plug it directly in a wall cycle to see if that makes a difference. All the other items that are using that power conditioner are working fine…thanks!

Performed the test of connecting the Nucleus + directly into a wall socket and it still doesn’t light up when the ‘on’ button is pushed. Thanks for the idea!

Yes good test @Jim_F . I have had a wallwart mysteriously die for no apparent good reason myself.
Moving where it’s plugged into is not going to change the outcome if the wallwart itself is toast.

Thanks guys, I’ll have that procedure completed shortly…Roon said you have to use a Roon verified wall wart to protect your warranty, but if that’s all it is then the fix is easy!

OK, my friend came by with his volt meter and the wall wart measured dead on at 19.4V (rated at 19V). That takes us back to some internal issue that Roon can hopefully fix or replace ASAP! Thanks for your advice, waiting to her back from Support.


Sorry to hear that as obviously the wall wart would have been a quick cheap fix.
Good luck and hopefully support will be along tomorrow to assist.

You can also email them direct from the Roon website and explain the problem and what steps of troubleshooting you have already taken.

Hello @Oren_Hopkins,

We’re so sorry to hear that you’ve ran into issues with your Nucleus… :pensive: . Thanks for choosing to get in touch on our community (and thanks to everyone who’s brought this to our attention :pray:).

As @wklie has mentioned, any defective units are returned directly to us only when purchased directly from our website. When a unit is purchased from an authorized dealer, returning the unit to them for repairs is the best step - the dealer then works directly with our dedicated team to repair, replace or otherwise make whole your Nucleus.

I believe it was asked, but I couldn’t find your answer: if you connect a TV or monitor via HDMI to your Nucleus, what do you see? Could you please add a photo?

Thanks :pray:

There’s no power (the light doesn’t go on in the back like it should) getting into the Nuc. Not sure why it would make a difference to plug a TV monitor into the Nuc? As I said in an earlier post, the ethernet cables (on both ends) don’t light up?

I’m going to take the unit to Argenta Solutions, which is the authorized dealer I bought it from. I just want my Roon+ back and working…

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If you mean the Ethernet light, then just because that light doesn’t go on doesn’t, necessarily, mean there is no power.

Still, I guess it’s easier for you to take the unit back to where you bought it, even if that means an extended waiting period while your dealer initiates the warranty process.

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Hey @Oren_Hopkins,

Thanks for being so responsive immediately after my post :pray:

Checking with the location where you purchased the Nucleus from is the best step towards having your Roon + Nucleus back.

While the Nucleus gets repaired, do you have any other device you could use as a Core? Just so you’re not without Roon, just because your Nucleus needs a bit of work :nerd_face:

The power button on the back is supposed to glow white when the unit is turned on, correct? That doesn’t happened and the whole unit has dropped off the network.

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It’s Argenta Solutions
239West 9000 South
Sandy, Utah 84070
I just thought it would be quicker to just send it back to you since they don’t do repairs and will essentially do the same thing. As an audiophile I keep all the original boxes, so it’s packed up in the box now. If I can send it directly to you, it will only be repaired/replaced that much quicker. Thank you for being so responsive!