Nucleus Not Online

I think my problem is similar with you :

My nucleus never came back online

Hey @hanatahage,

Following up on this thread, it looks like your Nucleus was back online yesterday. Are you still running into issues here?

If so, please take the time to fill out the necessary information below:

Roon Core Machine

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Networking Gear & Setup Details

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Connected Audio Devices

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Number of Tracks in Library

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Description of Issue

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Hi @benjamin ,

So I have 3 Roon Core

  1. My 1st Roon Rock intel NUC10i7FNHN INTEL NUC i7 Gen10 | NVMe 250GB | RAM 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4

(Running Well and now as my spare Core)

  1. Roon Nucleus+ rev B
    (The one that I have the issue) 7 Oct 2022

  2. Roon Nucleus+ rev B
    (I’m using this right now) 1 Nov 2022

Networking Gear & Setup Details<

TP-Link SIM Card GSM 3G/4G Router - TPLINK TL-MR6400


Nordost Qnet

Nordost Heimdall 2 Ethernet/Lan Cables 2M to Nucleus+
Nordost Heimdall 2 Ethernet/Lan Cables 2Ml to Chord2go2yu

Connected Audio Devices<

Chord2go2yu to Resolut T-DSP via Harmonic Harmony Direct Link USB Cable

Number of Tracks in Library<

Only ±2400 tracks

Description of Issue

The broken Nucleus+, never came back online, and when the broken Nucleus+ got an IP address, my router shows ROCK not Nucleus+ and my roon remote cannot detect it

Hey @hanatahage,

Thanks for the above information. Focusing in on this specific Nucleus having issues, from the image you’ve shared, it appears that you have a failing SSD:

Did you purchase this Nucleus from Roon directly, or from a local dealer? The next step would be to send it in via RMA to get a new SSD replaced on the device.

Let me know :+1:

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I bought it from a local dealer

Is there any option despite the RMA? Or can I replace the broken SSD myself?

Hey @hanatahage,

I would first contact your local dealer as you may still be under warranty and could get the SSD replaced free of charge.

If, after talking with your local dealer you’re not able to get assistance from them, let me know :+1:

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