Roon remote and web ui cannot detect the Nucleus

Hi there,

I have problem with my nucleus+ rev b

Suddenly the roon remote cannot detect any roon server

This is how my nuc booting

After the nuc got IP I also cannot access the nuc via web UI

And my router detect it as ROCK, previously my router detect it as NUCLEUS+

Im using QNET as router to my chord 2go2yu as the streamer

I just buy another Roon Nucleus+, and can identify the problem with my previous Nucleus+ but i dont know how to solved the problem

The broken Nucleus+ Show
Found roon install#1
Found roon install#2 and booting from roon install#2

But my new Nucleus+ found only roon install#1 or maybe this because i haven’t update the New Nucleus+

Can this happen because the roon OS 2.0?

Very unlikely as there is no Roon OS 2.0

This looks like the SSD in your Nucleus+ has an issue.

Did you purchase the Nucleus+ from a dealer or direct from Roon Labs?

I bought it from a local dealer in 7th October 2022

Then please return it to your dealer for repair or replacement under warranty.