Nucleus + not showing up on network

Hello, also my Nucleus + disappeared in my network today after I got annoyed that roon software told me to update my nucleus - every day since 11 th of November. Updated every time roon told me to update the Nucleus +. Finally took the decision to shut down Nucleus manually - thinking that might do the job - even after several tries to do it through webinterface - to no luck - also think I changed to always update. So I shut down Nucleus. Not playing any music or using roon software. After that I started Nucleus + again - but nothing showed up. Not on roon software. When checking the router (a Tilgin and with help from and IT-specialist) the result is that even if cable is attached and Nucleus and network lights is working - no sign of attachment to network. Also when connected to a screen no signs of happening when startup of Nucleus. Everything just black. Also restarted the router, my workstation, removed my installed SSD-drive inside Nucleus + and restarted - still no show up. Everything worked fine the weeks I used it. Have bought the Nucleus + second hand but was never used and is probably not even a year old. Around 45000 music files - but all firstly organized, ID-tagged on hard disk drive in computer - then copied to Nucleus. To me it seems like the roon OS does not start up properly hence the no-show on router ip-adress and black screen when startup. Using Windows 11.

Hi @Ronny_Millegard,

I have moved your post to a thread of its own since the previous one was resolved.

If you would, please complete the template below and we’ll take a look at things with you to see what might be going on.


Roon Core Machine

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Networking Gear & Setup Details

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Connected Audio Devices

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Number of Tracks in Library

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Description of Issue

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Roon Core Machine: Nucleus + rev B. SN 54B203939863, bought second-hand this summer but unused. Put in a Samsung MZ-77Q8T0BW 8TB SSD as internal memory.
Networking Gear & Setup Details: Router Tilgin HG2332 connected to switch Zyxel model GS-1088 v2, connected to Nucleus +. All with ethernet cables (from Nucleus with Audioquest Cinnamon). Router connected to workstation also ethernet, Windows 11, using Soundblaster AE-9 soundcard and Dynaudio DBM 50 active loudspeakers. Also using the Nucleus + playing on my stereo using Bowers & Wilkins Formation Audio. One Ipad air 2 and one iphone XR using roon app.
Integrated firewalls and antivirus in Windows 11. No VPN.
Connected Audio Devices: When using Nucleus + to my workstation is ethernet cables. Trough Bowers & Wilkins Formation Audio is WiFi.
Number of Tracks in Library: Around 45000 tracks.

Hi @Ronny_Millegard,

I am sorry to hear about your issues. I will send you a private message to resolve this with you.


Hello again Wes, is it possible to just buy the board - directly from you? Or through a dealer?

Hi @Ronny_Millegard,

Unfortunately, we cannot ship internationally but a dealer should be able to help!

I will send you a private message to preserve your privacy and get things started.


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