Nucleus not working after iOS16 and latest Roon software are downloaded

I usually connect My Nucleus to Lampizator Pacific DAC. Necleus is linked to Tidal. When I update my Apple iOS16 and Roon software on 22 September, I an not able to connect Nucleus with MacBook Air. It shows Nucleus (2.0 build 1128) Production (bold in RED). Mac is 1.8 (build970) stable. there is an error checking for as update.

Could you fix my problem? Thanks.



The Mac needs to match the version of your core which is 2.0. The Mac cannot be on 1.8.

the latest version after downloading just now is still 1.8 build 970 but it says “There is an error checking for an update”. It des not provide me any solution.

You can follow this guide, it has the download links to 1.8 (Legacy).

Here you can check your compatibility. (Guide)

Other info here:

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Hi @George_Lee,

I’m terribly sorry for the issues you’ve faced.

I enabled diagnostics and found a problem that I have since corrected.

Please navigate to your Nucleus WebUI by putting its address into a web browser. From there, select reinstall. This should correct the issue on your Nucleus that is causing your trouble.

Please let me know!


Hi Wes,

I got it fixed thanks. I think the iOS16.0.2 works better with Roon 1.8.

Best regards,

It doesn’t. They just both need to be on the same version of Roon.

Hi @George_Lee,

There was a problem with an account flag that I have since fixed. It will allow your core to update as it should but in order for this to work, the steps I provided surrounding reinstalling the OS are absolutely necessary. Currently, your Nucleus is running a much older version and not just 1.8. When you do follow the directions you’ll need to update your remotes to 2.0 to match.


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