Nucleus One freezes after about 20 minutes

Received my Nucleus One in the first US shipment. I thought it was working well and then all of a sudden it freezes after about 20 minutes of play. This happens when listening to an album, specific cut or listening to live radio. Then I have to shut down server and restart. Issue repeats about 20 minutes later.

I have installed a 2 Tb ssd drive, but don’t believe this has anything to do with the problem.

Is the server still analyzing the audio? That might be an indication. Also, you can easily just remove the drive to check if it the drive causing the issue.

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Thanks Rugby. I do not think the server is still analyzing the audio. Seems like it just went into a coma.

When it gets into this state, can you get to the web interface?

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No. Can’t navigate anything or any where even if I close the web site and reopen.

Hello @Alan_de_Vries ,

Thanks for reaching out. I’ve activated diagnostics mode for your Nucleus, but it doesn’t appear to be online at the moment. When you have a chance please turn it online so that the log set gets delivered for review. Also, you can try to perform a Backup of your database (for safekeeping) and then try an operating system reinstall via the Web UI:

Hi Noris,

Thanks for your assistance. I just turned it in

Best Alan

Hi Noris,

Have you been able to connect? My sense is that even though it’s lit up, it’s bricked

Ps. Can’t do a backup or reinstall since Roon remote won’t communicate with Nucleus.

I think he meant to goto the IP address of the Nucleus in your web browser.

Arlen, tried that, but won’t work because Nucleus is not responding.

Noris, where are you. Really need help from Roon.



I am the original poster. I believe my Nucleus One has BRICKED.
What do I do now?

Pleas Help!

Can you connect a monitor or a TV to the Nucleus One’s HDMI socket and post a photo of any messages that appear on the screen?

It’s the weekend

Thanks. I’m just frustrated.

Geoff‘s suggestion above could help move things forward

Does sound like a good idea, but TV’s too far away and I don’t have a stand alone monitor these days. Here’s a photo I just took.

Move the Nucleus next to the TV and plug it in. That’s the only way to determine if it’s toast and needs to be returned. I wonder if it overheated.


Hi @Alan_de_Vries,

I most certainly understand any frustration! I wanted to check in and see if you were able to get a monitor hooked up via HDMI?

Also, just as a good precaution, can you also power down the Nucleus and leave it unplugged for a few minutes before powering it back on and connecting it to your network?

We’ll be on standby for your reply. :+1: