Nucleus reboots randomly

ongoing issue-
nucleus will randomly reboot while using roon.

I’ve moved your topic to the Nucleus Support category of the forum, where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of the Support team.

Cool thank you.
Has been happening for months now
I had been lead to believe it had been corrected in a recent software release but has happened to me twice in Last 2 days

You might also like to say where you got the Nucleus from, as if it was a dealer, your primary source of resolution if its a hardware issue is first through them.

Purchased from Roon I believe

Then I guess you are in the right place already

  • How often does this happen? Does this only happen when Roon is in use or does it happen when idle as well?
  • During this time when it is restarting are you able to access the Nucleus Web Administration Interface?
  • Are you using the standard power supply that came with the Nucleus or something else?
  • Is the Nucleus in a well-ventilated place?

Hard to say how often it happens.
I started noticing it when I would leave Roon running all night.When I woke up there was no music playing and it was stopped in middle of a track.
Every now and then (mostly in the evening) the music would start to stutter and then stop and the controllers went blank.
I posted a thread about this and a user advised me to log on to the web app for the nucleus and see how long the OS had been running for. I did that and that clued me into the nucleus has rebooted.
Happens a couple times a month I guess.
No idea if it dies it when music not playing.
As mentioned someone from Roon contacted me that the issue had been fixes in recent upgrade. Perhaps I misunderstood.

I have never tried to access the web app when this happens but will the next time it does

Using standard power cable

Nucleus in a well ventilated place

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Also having this problem. Nucleus rev A

Thank you
Here is my communication from Roon that this was fixed in a recent build

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Cable modem>Eero router>English Electric switch>Nucleus +
FLAC files on NAS

This has been an issue with my Nucleus for the past few months. I have created threads that have now been closed. This just happened. Music stops, Controllers lost connection, when i check the web browser it shows the Roon server software has just rebooted. Once up the song i was listening to is displayed paused where it stopped.
This seems to be happening less frequently
Thank you

Hi, I’ve reopened and merged the topics. Tagging @support.

Thank you
Anyone think i need a new nucleus?

Hey @thomas_clark1,

Thanks a lot for getting in touch when the issue returned — we’re very sorry to hear that your music listening experience is interrupted by reboots.

RoonOS on Nucleus (and ROCK) has been impacted by a bug that our team is currently fixing. To see if that bug is affecting you, could you please follow the steps below and let me know if it helps (it’s a workaround that resolves the issue):

Stop Roon/RoonServer.
Use these instructions to locate your Roon Database
In the Roon or Roon Server folder go to Databse>Orbit>delete the orbit_v3.db folder only.
Restart the machine and use as normal

Thanks a lot :pray:

Thank you
I will give it a shot

Ok i have done as you have instructed
Thank you

Thank you very much, @thomas_clark1. Have you seen an improvement?

I cant say for sure
It only happens to me once or twice a month so after just a day or 2 i cant tell