Nucleus reboots randomly

No worries!

Would you please be so kind to let us know if the crashes return?

You can count on it
Pricey piece of equipment
id like for it to work

Unfortunately my Nucleus + just rebooted
Thank you

My nucleus + just rebooted again…

So please Roon folks,this has been happening to me for multiple months. Have been told its a software bug that has been fixed (about 2 months ago) but it hasn’t been…can someone tell me what is going on please?
Roon is wonderful but that status sorta downgraded when its basic function (playing music) is compromised.
Could someone please tell me how much longer this will go on…would it be fixed by a new Nucleus??
Thank you


I believe Im having the same issue as @Larry_Gelman (though thankfully not as frequent).

When is the solution just getting a replacement Nucleus?

Thank you

Hey @thomas_clark1,

While we wished this wasn’t the case, we are grateful you have shared the issue has returned in your case.

Would you please:

  • restart your Nucleus from the WebUI
  • next time the crash happens, please write down the local date and time
  • find and archive the Logs folder and upload it to our drive

Once we have the logs and the timestamp (local date and time) we will get a lot more information to identify the cause of the crashes.

Will do
Given your request I will assume information I was previously given by Brian Luczkiewicz that this will not be solved by a future patch but is a problem with my nucleus?
Is that correct?

This has been happening for months now.
Why are you asking for this information at this point and not when the issue began?
Id like to understand the troubleshooting process
Thank you

Hello @thomas_clark1 ,

We have just reviewed your logs and it doesn’t look like the issue that you were having before is still happening, the bug that Brian mentioned was fixed, so it looks like something else is going on for your end.

I wonder if this issue is related to your Roon database, it looks like there was a lot of identification work happening when the crash occurred, and then RoonServer restarted immediately. Can you please try to use a fresh Roon database and a small subset of tracks (less than 5,000) and verify if you still see the issue occur? You can use a fresh database by following these instructions:

  • Create a Backup of your current Roon Database
  • Stop RoonServer from running in Nucleus’s WebUI
  • Navigate to your Nucleus’ Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “RoonServer”
  • Rename the “RoonServer” folder to “RoonServer_old”
  • Restart the RoonServer in the WebUI to generate a new Database
  • On the Roon Remotes, press “Use another Core” and connect to the new database

Let us know when possible, thanks!

Really appreciate your response and letting me know your thinking about what might be happening
Ill have to think about your request.
Its mostly an inconvenience…the problem happens sporadically and it could be a couple of weeks before it occurs again.
Im mostly struggling with not being able to access 95% of my music just waiting for this to happen again…coupled with the fact Roon has always been "temperamental " for me and i fear never getting it working again.
Could you tell me a bit about what this might reveal?
Lets say i create a 5000 track database could i possibly go for 4 months with that database and if no issues then we go back to my full music collection and if it happens again with smaller database then what does that mean? What would then be the next step?
I guess cause it happens infrequently when does this troubleshooting step end?
Do you suspect its related to the size of my database or that its on a NAS?
Do you think the Nucleus is fine?
i appreciate your help but it could be awhile till this issue happens again.
Not sure if it doesnt reboot with smaller database in a month that it would mean anything

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Roon logs submitted for event on 4/9/22 @ 10:54
I was doing a Force Rescan of library at the time

Is something defective in my Nucleus and do I need a new one?

Would appreciate an answer on this topic… thank you.

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I asked a couple of direct questions re: your troubleshooting suggestions. I have not seen a reply to those questions. Is it unreasonable for me to expect responses?
Thank you

I submitted some logs recently. I have not even received confirmation that they have been recieved. Are you able to at least tell me if the uploaded files have been recieved?
Thank you

my nucleus rebooted today about 75 mins ago…it did it on its own without my direction
Thank you

Is there a point where I just get a new Nucleus?
Thank You

Previous to these last 2 events it ran solid for 8 weeks straight which was pretty great

Hey @thomas_clark1,

Thanks for keeping in touch every step of the way so far.

Being able to say exactly if replacement is the solution, requires that we first identify the cause. Unfortunately, even if it’s been a while, we don’t yet know what causes this. Once we understand what the issue is, we can advise on the best solution: and if that is replacing the unit, we’ll happily do so.

All the information you’ve shared so far has been consolidated in a ticket that is now with our QA team. I’ll be in touch as soon as I hear back :nerd_face:

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That makes sense thank you
Concerned decision to replace will occur when warranty expires but I guess if problem started when under warranty i should be good?

My Nucleus + suddenly rebooted when I was listening to music. I did not ask it to do that
1900 on 4/19 Pacific time
Thank you

Hey @thomas_clark1,

Thank you so much for following up. Would you be able to also provide us with the set of logs for the Nucleus+? You can upload the zipped file here. Unfortunately, we were unable to retrieve it on our end.

Could you please turn off audio analysis in Settings → Library: Background Audio Analysis Speed as well as On-Demand Audio Analysis Speed. This is a very demanding procedure and turning it off should help.