Nucleus storage question

I don’t think I understand yet. I had originally had the external HDD attached to my laptop and it ran no faster than with it attached to the Nucleus. and both devices are wired via ethernet to my home network. Are you saying to attach the Nucleus via ethernet directly to the laptop, or??

Hi @William_Hilleary,

Just to confirm, you currently have a Nucleus connected to an external storage device via USB? What kind of USB storage are you using? What kind of slowness are you seeing?

Hi Dylan. There is another separate thread on this and it has been solved. The issue is that I installed an SSD into my new Nucleus Plus and was attempting to copy all my library from an external HDD to the new SSD. Using normal methods this takes several days due to how slow it runs over the network, even a wired network. I solved the problem by putting the SSD into a case, attached it to the same PC as the HDD, and purchased third party software that will write to Ext4 and I copied all 3.4 TB in about 10 hours. But now I have new problems and will start a new support thread on that soon.

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