Nucleus Titan SSD installation?

Just got the new Nucleus Titan.

Is the SSD installation guide the same as the old Nucleus, and are the SSD models from which we should choose also the same?

Thanks in advance.

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Basically, yes. It’s actually easier than RevA, IME.

Bottom cover comes off via a few machine screws. You are immediately presented with the metal drive caddy. Four #2 phillips-head machine screws detach the caddy from the Titan chassis.

You pull that out and will find the Four #1 screws for the drive itself already mounted in the drive caddy, staring up at you. Superbly convenient.

The only “tip” I can think of is to be mindful of the direction of the SATA ribbon connector; it can’t be inverted. So, mount the drive accordingly.

After attaching the drive to caddy, mount it back on the Titan chassis, ensure the SATA connector is solid, and the bottom cover goes back on. :+1:

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Thanks! Are they the stick size or the bigger ones?

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The bigger ones, fit the $99.99 one in your pic for your local music files.


MikeB is correct. 2.5" SATA SSD is what you want. :+1: