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Tonight I received the standard blue pop-up update-available window in my remote for the second day in a row. Last night I installed without reading the changelog or the forums. Fortunately, I did not experience the lost connection issue others have posted in the past 24 hours.

Tonight, after receiving another update available pop-up, I decided to read the changelog this time. But when I click on the release details link within the pop-up window, I am taken to the Settings > About page instead of opening my remote’s browser. The blue pop-up window disappears.

On the About page the NUCLEUSPLUS core frame says, “An update is ready to be downloaded.” It also indicates that I currently have Roon Version 1.7 (build 571) stable installed. Clicking on the “Read Change Log” within the “Core” frame opens a browser window that shows the same version (i.e., 1.7(build 571) as the latest version.

Is tonight’s update notification an authentic followup download or a false alarm?

I think you will find it is for Roon OS not Roon itself.

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Just read the Roon OS woes, build 1.0.221 [resolved] and I realized that the recent update(s) notices I have been receiving are OS related; not the Roon Core which is where the the “release details” link took me to in my remote.

The Nucleus OS version is found on its web interface page; not the remote. So going to this page I see this…

So now the question is, was the update last night for the version 220 shown above? Or did the update not actually install, thus the update notice I am receiving tonight is for the version which has been causing issues for some?

I do not want to install the faulty update till I am sure all of the bugs have been ironed out. Please advise. Thanks.

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Your are showing 220 the latest is 227.

Go to Settings - About - Core - View Info on any remote and you will see your current OS Build number

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Good to know oneofmany. Thanks.

Would be nice if the update available notification would specify what it is updating (ex., core; remote; or OS) to avoid some of the confusion. Still unable to view the details concerning the most recent notification. So I have no idea what version of the three potential products is pending an update.

Still waiting for @support to explain

  1. What product was updated and the version installed Tuesday evening from my remote?
  2. What product is pending an update and what version?
  3. If this recent update notice is for the Nucleus OS version, which some have had issues with, has the problem(s) been resolved that have caused some users a bit of inconvenience to fix the issue?

I am handicapped and thus it would be very difficult for me follow the recommended fix without me having to impose on someone else to assist me with the procedures. So I need some reassurance from support that the current pending update is stable. Thanks.

Hi @jb76,

We released a Roon OS build Tuesday which was 221. It’s showing that you’re on 220 — Hard to say what you updated to, possibly you were on an older version for one of your remotes, or the notification popped up for 221 but didn’t install.

The current new release is for Roon OS (ROCK and Nucleus) Build 227. Release notes here:

There was a problem with build 221 that affected roughly 0.4% of Roon OS users. For most, the update went smoothly. For those that had an issue, there is now a solution, but if you didn’t already update and have problems this isn’t anything you’ll need to do. The issue stemmed from a change in the kernel that you can read about in detail here:

Build 227 resolved the issue, so you can update to this version without any problems.

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Hi @dylan,

I know that the core and my remote were up-to-date (i.e., Version 1.7 (build 571) before Tuesday’s update.

I witnessed the roon player on my remote closed during Tuesday’s update and reopened stating that a new version of something had been installed and would need to rescan my database which took about five minutes and finally displayed my overview page without a hitch. So I assume that Tuesday’s update was successful. Would I need to turn off the Nucleus and restart it in order for the update to finalize to Build 221? It did not prompt me to do so.

Secondly, I do not see Build 220 listed in the Roon OS Release Notes changelog link you provided me. Why?

Next, how do I know if the pending update is Build 221 or 227? I cannot review the details of this pending update.

Lastly, I do not want to gamble that I might be part of the 0.4% who were affected by the Build 221 update. So where can I download Build 227 and what are the procedures to successfully install it. I do not want to have to hook up a monitor and/or keyboard to the Nucleus in order to do this. Would prefer that I simply be provided a link to activate the Build 227 update within the Settings > About window.


Apologies for the confusion here, John. I checked with the team — We actually released Build 220 first, and then a minor issue was discovered and we quickly released Build 221. These two versions were essentially the same except for a quick fix for the network section of the Web UI, so we changed the release notes to show Build 221. It looks like you took 220, but not 221.

We will download and install the latest version available, so there is no issue here for updating now that 227 is available.

Appreciate the clarifications Dylan.

Do not have access to my roon player at the moment since I am at work. But to be sure, are you, or another staff member going to remotely download the Build 227 update to my Nucleus for me? Or are you suggesting that you will upload Build 227 onto your server so that when I click on the install link for this pending update, it will be this build and not Build 221?


These are my exact questions and concerns also. I am out of town this week and just want to be knowledgeable for when I get home Saturday evening. My Nucleus is running 24/7, so I’m not sure what I might walk into when I get home. I would not want to install the update that had the problem. I also don’t know if my Nucleus is set to auto update or not. As I understand it, I should install 227 if given that option.


Correct — When ROCK or Nucleus updates moving forward, it is installing Build 227 and not Build 221. The manual recovery using the download of 227 only happens if you already were in the bad state from 221. ROCK/Nucleus will only install the latest version available.


Appreciate your help Dylan. Will proceed with the update tonight and provide feedback here when completed. Thanks again.


I’m using a Nucleus. Pushed the upgrade button last night and I am now running Build 227. Worked for me. Hope it’s as easy for you.


Reassuring to know John. Appreciate the confirmation.

Successfully updated my Nucleus to Build 227. All is well with this issue now.

That said, I am still baffled as to why the blue Update-Available, see details link, did not provide me with the Roon OS Release Notes. Could have possibly avoided a support request.

Thanks again for your help Dylan.

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