Nucleus watch file with Mac

Roon Nucleus with internal storage set up with the music files. Also use Apple MBP for Apple Music. Want to have the Apple Music files be the watch list folder for the Roon nucleus. so when I add music to Apple Music (usually ripped cd) I want it to update the Roon internal storage thru watch folder.

Had it set up that way but changed to a new MBP and I can’t seem to figure out how I pointed the Apple Music file to the Roon watch file??? Help I have been all over the community posting no luck yet with replays???

Hi, @Tony_D, thank you for the post. Am I getting it right that you want to set up a network storage location on you MacBook Pro? if that’s correct, we have an article with instructions about this. You can check them here. Please, let us know in this thread if you have any troubles.



Not exactly, I just want my watch file to watch my iTunes folder like I had it before I switched computers

Hi, Im still stuck. I have a Nucleus running Roon with and internal ssd I have my music files on.

I also use Apple Music on my Mac with all my music files as well.

I was able to add music to Apple Music via cd for example and have the Roon internal ssd see it in the watch folder and import it so I had 2 copies of the music file, the Mac copy being backed up in Apple Music

I can’t for the life of me get the watch folder set up that way again .I keep getting path errors. In fact the storage folder does not seem to even see the Mac? They are both on the same network. Storage only shows the nucleus internal ssd??

There are two things you seem to be wanting to do:

  • Set up a Watched Folder in your Nucleus pointing to the Apple Music folder on your new Mac.
  • Duplicate the music files contained on the Mac to the internal SSD of your Nucleus.

I may be misunderstanding something here, because if you set up the Watched Folder and duplicate the files to the internal SSD, then you will end up with albums being listed twice in your Library.

You should do one or the other; either set up a Watched Folder to your Mac or duplicate the music files to the internal SSD of the Nucleus.

You may be having difficulties in setting up a Watched Folder to a shared network location on your new Mac because it is necessary to first set up sharing of the Mac folder over the network on the Mac before you can add it as a Watched Folder on the Nucleus.

What error messages are you seeing?

100% you have it. I just want the one copy watch folder which was how it was originally set up. I guess im having trouble setting up the Mac shared folder

unexpected error keeps coming up. For the shared folder I am copying the path from “info” on the Mac

And have you set the necessary permissions on your Mac to share the folder? You then need to use those permissions (username and password) in Roon to access the folder and set it up as a Watched Folder…

Hi, This is what I got so far

Something tells me that’s not the watch folder yet?

What on earth are you doing? :grinning:

You’re adding the internal storage of the Nucleus as a network share? Er, no. Please don’t do that - it’s the equivalent of Alice Through The Looking Glass…

You don’t need that \\nucleus\Data network share at all - just remove it.

Then click the + Add network share link to add the network path to the shared folder on your Mac.

What’s your Mac called? And what’s the name of the Apple Music folder on your Mac?

You seem to have two Watched Folders already set up - can you show a screenshot of the basic Storage screen?

Look, I’m sorry I’m screwed up on this issue. I deleted all per your note.

You said I have two watch files already?

As to the Mac name path etc I tried every combination nothing has worked. Getting the correct path seems to me my issue.

Give it one more shot then I’ll get off the issue and leave everyone alone, it’s just frustrating as it should be straight forward but I can’t seem to hit on it

In that last screenshot of yours, I see two “3 dots” icons in the background screen, which tells me you have two Watched Folder entries set up. I expect the first is the Internal Storage folder of your Nucleus, what is the second watched folder?

And just tell me what the name of your Mac is, and the name of the shared folder on the Mac, then I can tell you what you need to be typing in for the network share location. You will need to add the username and password into Roon’s “Add network share” screen along with the network share location, and we should be there.

Anthony’s MacBook Pro is the name of the computer

The shared folder is “music”

Right, so try smb://Anthony's MacBook Pro/Music as the network share location; fill in the permissions you used for creating the network share on the Mac (username and password) and see what happens. If you get an error, please state the error message you get.

Edit: I’m a Windows user, not a Mac user - but I noticed that in that FAQ article I referenced that even though the Mac in the example is called Greg’s iMac, the screenshot of the share settings state that the host name on the network is Gregs-iMac.local. So check what your Mac is telling you the name on the network is… It could be Anthonys-MacBook-Pro.local

is this it?

Looks like it - does the number of tracks tally with what is in the Music folder?

You’re using the IP address of the Mac rather than the name. That’s OK, providing your router, which allocates the IP addresses to devices in your network, doesn’t change the address over time. If your router supports it, you can tell it to always use the same address for your Mac.

The name did not work thur numerous iterations working with Mac support. As to the numbers the 11,082 is in Apple Music.

Connected this way, I assume is also safe?

Also, is the nucleus internal storage file above redundant?

Er, no - it seems to hold the majority of your local library with 10,242 files…

And if you are saying that you have 11,082 files in an Apple Music folder on your Mac, then this folder must be somewhere else on your Mac than in the Music folder that you have shared to the network - because that seems to contain only 327 files…

You appear to have shared the wrong folder?

It’s still loading not done yet up to 3567