NVMe + 5th generation NUC causing kernel panic in ROCK install

Hi Eric,
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unless the installation went horribly wrong I’m now getting a kernel panic after the reboot.

My issue is probably because I’m using an NVMe :frowning:

You’re running a fifth-generation NUC, instead of the seventh.

There were some discussions about NVMe issues with this generation:

@John_Webb did you solve the NVMe problem on your NUC5i5?

I’m afraid not. I heard from some other users with 5th generation NUCs. A few were using M.2 SATA drives, which are no faster than my 2.5 inch drive. One was using an M.2 NVME drive successfully though I think with Windows not Roon. He said it was an Intel 600p. I’ve thought about trying one of those but they are a bit more expensive than the one I had before, so I’ve just kept using my 2.5 inch drive.

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There is no success report of using fifth generation NUC with NVMe for ROCK that I could find, and there does not seem to be a clear solution without hardware change for the two threads I posted earlier. Based on this assumption, I think there are two ways to move forward:

  1. Use a non-NVMe SSD that is known to be ROCK compatible - this is likely to work. I think M.2 SATA may work but you should check specific compatibility with the particular model of NUC you have.

  2. If you do not want to buy another piece of hardware and want to stick with what you have, you may try running Roon Core on Windows instead, i.e. not ROCK. There are a few success reports but I’m not sure it must work, since I read claims that it was not meant to be able to boot from NVMe at all. If you try this, please post your findings.

In case @eric has other suggestions, they would supersede mine. :wink:

Hello @Mark_Goodman,

As other people have commented in the thread, it is likely the NVMe drive mixed in with the 5th Generation NUC that is causing the issue and while some people may have reported success, most people have not. Just so you are aware, at this time NVMes are not on our list of supported hardware to run ROCK on and I am not sure if we will ever support it as Danny mentioned in this thread:

With that said, you might want to check out these threads for more information:

If you do manage to get it up and running, do let us know as we would love to hear a successful outcome to this situation!


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