One album is considered as three different albums by Roon [answered]


I have an issue importing one album, and it is the first time that this has happened to me in Roon (I am used to this kind of problem with Itunes).

Roon seems to consider one album as three different albums. The first album contains tracks 1 to 12, the second album only track 13, and the third album tracks 14 and 15. Roon is reading this album from a watched folder, which is my Itunes folder. All the tracks are in the same folder, and all the tracks are member of the same album within Itunes.

I have tried identifying manually the album, in order to have only one album rather than three, I have tried to re-scan and re-import the album, but nothing seems to work: Roon continues to consider this album as three different album. However, the album title, the artist, the date recorded, the date released, etc., are all the same. I have also tried the option “Fix track grouping”, but nothing seems to be able to be done in order to solve my problem.

Moving tracks to one album to another within Roon is not intuitive to me. Could someone explain how I should solve my problem? Thank you!

Does this help?

It worked! Thank you so much!