One Device, Multiple Speakers/Headphones

I stream from Roon to my Auralic Vega. The Vega drives my speaker setup, my electrostatic headphone setup, and my dynamic headphone setup. When I switch between headphones and speakers I have to go in and edit the DSP settings and the Crossfeed settings. It is really a big PIA.

Two possible solutions:

  1. Give a way to switch between different configurations from within the Signal Path window. This would save time and also make it easy to check that you have the correct configuration enabled. No more discovering that you have been listening to your speakers with your headphone PEQ.

  2. Allow users to create a virtual device. For example, I could create a configuration for my electrostatic headphone setup and save it off as “Auralic Vega/STAX”. I could create one for my dynamic headphones and save it as “Auralic Vega/MrSpeaker” etc. That way, switching setups is as simple as selecting the Device in Roon.


This would be an excellent option for those using external processing, like Sonarworks Tru-Fi.


Meridian Sooloos has this.

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This functionality is still high on my list of things to improve Roon.

So many times I forget to turn off the DSP setting for my headphones following ‘on-ear’ listening, usually late at night, and the next day wonder why the speaker playback sounds completely off.

So multiple Zones per device with individual DSP settings per Zone, please.


The virtual device option is very interesting.
I have one endpoint that I use to drive 2 different pairs of headphones plus as a fixed out to another headphone Amp with 3rd and 4th sets of headphones.
Ive caught myself forgetting to change DSP setting a few times.


@danny @mike Have a new pair of headphones which will be used with a Convolution filter under DSP.
My headphone amplifier is part of the same Roon Endpoint as my Speakers and not a separate Endpoint and so under Roon part of the same Zone.

It is a real pain to select the required Zone and then apply a DSP preset setting to it, to use for headphone listening, and then when finished remove it, so the Endpoint works against speakers with no DSP applied.

Could we have multiple Zones using the same Endpoint with a different DSP preset applied per Zone.

I believe this was a capability in Soolous, so you identified the User case back then.

This has been raised here as a Feature Request/Suggestion and attracted some Votes.

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