Ongoing Tidal Issues

I have been having ongoing connectivity issues with Tidal since the last Roon update. Every time I open Roon I have to reconnect to Tidal. Sometimes I am able to connect, most times not. When I am connected, playlists don’t sync, songs skip and it is unusable.

There is a flurry of tickets being logged by folks in the support forums with the same problem, but there is a real issue here that needs to be addressed. This is not an isolated problem and the support folks need to reconcile and address.

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yes! full implementation support.
nearly same problems with tidal and qobuz

Hi @Harry_P,

In our recent update we made some changes to our TIDAL login procedure. Since that update there have been some reports of issues, but often times we’ve found that this was caused by remotes that weren’t updated or in some cases networking issues. We are tracking all reports so we can make improvements to this process in the future.

For now, the best option is to provide us with specific details about your setup and situation so we can understand what is happening in your specific case.



Thanks for replying. I can assure you this is not a unique issue with individuals, as all the feedback I am seeing in the forums point to this issue happening after the last update. I think am technically astute to know with a high level of confidence that this is not something that can be fixed on my side and if so, the fix will apply to most folks once you understand and communicate the root cause.

I believe you have enough evidence to realize this is a broad problem. I am at the point where I don’t have the time to troubleshoot and I will shut it down until it is patched.

PS I see you moved my post from the Tidal forum to this support forum. Can suggest you leave it posted in the Tidal forum also, even if just for awareness please?


Hi @Harry_P,

I can move this post back to #roon:tidal if you’d like, but I do want to be clear that there are some issues that we have been able to help resolve that have been traced to a variety of different reasons. While some of these reports did start occurring after the update as a result of the change in how TIDAL login works, and we are still investigating some reports, there have been a number of reports that we have resolved. Some reports were stemming from browser incompatibilities, or firewall issues, mismatched version numbers, and even TIDAL account problems.

The best way for us to identify any issues that do need to be resolved on our end is to investigate each report and understand the root cause of the issue. I’m not saying this to discount your report, or to deny that there are changes we need to make. I just want to make it clear that the policy on the support team is to investigate each individual report so we can be as thorough as possible and present clear issue reports to the rest of our team when needed.

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Correct. Instead of responding to each individual who reports it with a stock standard response, they need to acknowledge there is a general problem here affecting a large user base. I am frustrated, and have been unable to use Tidal through Roon for weeks.

This is just spinning and they need to communicate broadly.

Hi @Harry_P,

As noted above, the best way for us to identify issues is to investigate the details of each report. A vast majority of Roon users are not experiencing this issue and a number of those who have experienced an issue are back up and running, so it looks like there is something else going on here that we’d be happy to help investigate.

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