OPPO 205 USD continual white noise

My Oppo 205 connected to a NUC running ROCK is playing white noise whenever engaged. The problem started recently. I have not done, or noted any automatic, software or firmware updates.

Previously, I had the occasional encountered the problem mentioned in OPPO UDP-205 USB issues.

I have repowered both devices. I have checked the OPPO USB by playing Tidal directly from a laptop.
I have checked the USB ports on the NUC using another DAC.


Music served from a freenas device and tidal.

I’ve had the same thing happen to me several times. I also use Oppo 205 connected via USB to nucleus +.

Hello @Matthew_Barry & @John_Jonczyk,

Try changing the “DSD Playback Strategy” from “Native” to “DSD over PCM v1.0 (DoP)”. It appears that Oppo’s USB-0118 firmware update may affected the Oppo’s USB Linux capabilities. Oppo is aware of the issue and are investigating.

There have also been reports that using Roon’s DSP features may cause loud white noise to be outputted as well. This includes the “DSP Engine” as well as features like volume leveling.


Hello John,

Making the recommended change has fixed the problem. I am not running any DSP, so no problem there.