OPPO UDP-203 and UDP-205 now Roon Ready

Pardon me for asking, as I know this has been discussed extensively above. But, I’m not entirely clear on whether OPPO as an endpoint can play multichannel files. Specifically, if I had a UDP 203 connected to my Denon receiver via HDMI, can I play 5.1 FLAC files? Thanks for clarifying!

You can play multichannel files using the Oppo BDP outside of the Roon software.

It’s own software permits multichannel flac file play.

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Thanks for clarifying! Disappointing!! :slightly_frowning_face:

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What is more disappointing is that the limitation appears to be hardware inside the unit and as such won’t be rectified until the next revision.

I’ve given up on Oppo. I’ve retired my Sonica DAC in favor of the project digital S2. Doubt I would every buy another Oppo product again.

I buy Oppo for the video portion, not, the audio portion. The last Oppo that was serious about audio was the BD-95.

Good question - Is Roon working on this?

Can I get past this limitation with HQPlayer?

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Via RAAT, multichannel and DSD are OPPO limitations. Not Roon concerns. So, no, Roon is not working on this.


I’ve called Oppo a couple of times. Oppo is aware if the limitation, and I don’t expect them to add the feature on the rendition/series of Players…,maybe UDP-303/305.

I’m confused. Since OPPO will play these formats through its own software via the network, but not through Roon, why is the issue with the OPPO and not with the Roon software?

Roon partners, not Roon, are responsible for their implementations of RAAT and degrees of Roon readiness. If a partner cannot or elects not to offer all Roon capabilities, that is up to the partner.


I have the same issue with Roon and the 205. Switching Roon to my 205 endpoint, and then trying to switch to a different input on the 205 after Roon, just does not work. It seems like the HDMI audio output from the 205 is dead. I’ve tried everything I can think of. The only thing that works is turning the Oppo off, then back on. Any updates on this issue?

With time, the concept of Roon Ready grows fuzzier for me. I thought is was similar, say, to the Good Housekeeping Seal. You either met standards are didn’t.

But it would have been hard to turn down an Oppo affiliation.

Mine seems to work fine in Roon ready mode. However I just think it sounds terrible compared to the USB in mode so that’s what I had been using on the oppo 205. However at this point I’ve gone back to my iFi micro DSDDAC and HQ player combination fed by roon. I think it sounds every bit as good as the Oppo USB in. But I never thought the roon ready HDMI option sounded good at all. I am assuming you have updated the software on the Oppo including the beta version? And called their customer support? If still no dice I would send it back if you are determined to use the roon ready option and see if the replacement works better maybe it’s a defective input or HDMI switch.

Think on this one. If a two channel network DAC were to support RAAT but its architecture were not compatible with multichannel nor DSD, should it be precluded from Roon readiness?


I contacted Oppo regarding this issue. It’s a known issue. Here was their response:

This is something that we are currently investigating to resolve through a future firmware release, but the only solution at this point is to turn off the player if the HDMI output does not resume when you have stopped Roon playback.

Best Regards,

Customer Service
OPPO Digital, Inc.

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For me, the “head fake” was buying a RAAT-ready Oppo capable of multi-channel output, then sending
it a multi-channel signal via RAAT, then being told it was two channels only.

I guess mono systems could get RR status too as long as they supported RAAT

But the fault was mine, making the inference above. I’m over it. Gotta learn not to gloss over details.

I’m able to change inputs without restarting the OPPO 205, but I have to cycle through the inputs - let it rest on HDMI for a while then move forward.

I’ve recently used the HDMI - ARC for the TV feed and the USB DAC in for my Roon set up.

Hope they are able to resolved this though through the firmware.


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Have you tried via Ethernet? I’m not sure HDMI in from a PC is the best option. I just installed my new Oppo 205 today and running direct into active speakers. I am very impressed with the sound via Roon. Easily better than the 105 via USB No more USB or SPDF just Ethernet in and analog out. Very simple.

Latest firmware says Improved HDMI In compatibility with HTPCs.

Not sure if I understand: If I hook up from my PC/Mac via HDMI then at least in that case I can stream multichannel via Roon right? to whatever multichannel HDMI receiver I might have, e.g. Oppo? Just wondering. At least this is very easy with Audirvana… Still a hazzle to hook up with HDMI but… at least that works right? Evaluating so many different options right now and this I have not tried yet. I guess I can check :slight_smile: