OPPO UDP-203 and UDP-205 now Roon Ready

Replaced my 205 because of this issue.

This is something that we are currently investigating to resolve through a future firmware release, but the only solution at this point is to turn off the player if the HDMI output does not resume when you have stopped Roon playback.

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Why use HDMI? I have my PC connected with an Ethernet cable to a switch. The Oppo is also connected via Ethernet. I do it this way to get music to my home office (Raspberry Pi endpoint).

The music data transfers over your home network. Works perfectly for me.

Thanks for the answer. Of courseI I also use ethernet and can stream to a lot of devices, either via Roon (Raat) or via UPnP (Audirvana). But I have yet to get any devise to stream multichannel through Roon (or Audirvana) except through HDMI. I still have only a Oppo 105D but I would happily upgrade to 203/205 if that means that I can can stream multichannel via Roon (over Raat) or via Audirvana (over UPnP). But my understanding is that this is not possible.

There are devices which do stream multi-channel via Ethernet, if that is what you want. NADAC Merging+Player, exasound PlayPoint / exasound e38, to name a couple.

What did you replace it with?

Well, a PS Audio DirectSteam. I found I was only using the Ethernet DAC in the Oppo to play my already ripped CDs and DVD/Bluray. I really didn’t need a disc spinner but I was compelled by the versatility of the Oppo enough to try it for a few months.

I was disappointed in the preamp functions though I recognize they are a bonus being there at all.

Mostly the combination of Roon and HDMI conflict broke the camels back and I sold it for a small rental fee.

Congrats on the new DS Larry…that’s a big step up from the Oppo. I just bought a DS Jr…really nice stuff indeed.

Yeah, definitely a piece to ‘grow’ other components around. I started with an eval of the Jr. listened for long enough to know I felt sure it had stabilized. It changed a bunch throughout the first ~200 hours. I liked the Jr. so much, I got the Sr. for not much more from Upscale along with the BridgeII.

Now I’m replacing my S300 with the M700 monos, and probably won’t stop until I replace the Stellar GCD with a BHK Pre. Phew, then I’ll enjoy for many years before beginning all over again.

Just to complete the setup; I split listening between Senn HD580 and HD6XX (arriving next week from Massdrop) and Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 (no kids but two dogs, both puppies, they limit the speaker time but 6 months from now they’ll be old enough)

P.S. I’m just South of you in Vista

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve given up on Oppo. Their support and addition of new features used to be great, but have been very disappointed with the lack of new features for the Sonica.

I have seen so many posts where people say they are sooo happy with connecting an Oppo directly to power-amps… I tried it, but in my experience it works a lot better with a proper preamp between…

NADAC looks interesting… thanks!

Awesome…Three adult dogs here. Good listening company.

I have Wyred4Sound Class D amps. An integrated and a multi channel. Seven years old and still humming along.

Stay dry!

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Since the Oppo UDP-205 is very flexible in its connection options, a lot of the multi-channel limitations stated on this thread are ambiguous and I think a summery would help future buyers (I know the latest from Oppo leaving audio but still the UDP-205 will be available for some time).

This is what I’ve gathered, correct me if I’m wrong:

PC --> HDMI --> UDP-205 --> Analog out: 7.1 Supported 

PC with Roon --> HDMI --> UDP-205 --> Analog out: 7.1 Supported 

PC --> HDMI --> UDP-205 --> HDMI Out: 2.0 Supported

Roon Core --> Ethernet (RAAT) --> UDP-205 --> Analog out:  2.0 Supported

Roon Core --> Ethernet (RAAT) --> UDP-205 --> HDMI Out: 2.0 Supported

PC --> USB --> UDP-205 --> Analog Out:  2.0 Supported

Ethernet (DNLA)  --> Analog Out: 7.1 Supported

Ethernet (DNLA)  --> HDMI Out: 7.1 Supported

Disc Player --> Analog Out: 7.1 Supported

Disc Player --> HDMI Out: 7.1 Supported

Anything missing?

I specifically listed -
PC with Roon --> HDMI --> UDP-205 --> Analog out: 7.1 Supported
…because I’ve seen posts here stating that “HDMI with Roon only supports 2ch”, and I believe they were referring to using UDP’s HDMI Out, not connecting a PC with Roon to the UDP-205 over HDMI In (which should support multi-channel correctly, unless I’m missing something very odd).

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Multichannel HDMI PC output to multichannel OPPO HDMI input has little to do with Roon or OPPO – both are capable.

Multichannel HDMI output boils down to the PC hardware and software.



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I am able to stream 5.1 wirelessly to my Oppo 203 using JRiver Media Center from my laptop. So, if Roon is not capable of this, then it seems to me that it is a software issue, not a hardware issue.

Yes, this certainly can be done from JRMC using DLNA but Roon abjures DLNA for reasons given many times.

What are the reasons Roon does not?

Hi @Bill_Calhoun,

We are getting a little off topic discussing DLNA here … check out these topics esp. the posts from the Roon team… If you wish, I recommend you continue any DNLA discussion in the first linked topic.

I just subscribed to Roon I have the OPPO 205 but how do I download the Roon core to the OPPO or do I need to do something else sorry for the newbie question it’s all new to me