Overflowing artist screen on iPad remote [Solved]

Can you make this screen scrollable instead of having characters disappearing at the top and bottom.

Same thing with the album screen.

Hey @Andy, thanks for the report, our dev team will be notified regarding this issue.

@Andy – is this even reasonable? We don’t have any Chinese readers on our team, and would love some feedback on improving this.

Is scrolling enough or do we need to rethink Chinese script support?


The page is immensely useful for me to quickly go to a particular artist or album. I think this can be fixed easily by simply adding scrolling.

Still no fix for this in the recent updates :frowning:

We’ve been working this… Seen multiple designs internally but nothing good. Subtle issues keep popping up. Soon!!

Thanks Danny! Good to know that this is not being ignored

Hello @Andy, your issue was fixed in build 88.

Noted, thanks!!