Overnight empty library since January 10th 2023

Roon Core Machine

Synology NAS DS918+

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Linksys E4200 router

Connected Audio Devices

Auralic G2, Squeezebox

Number of Tracks in Library

NONE! That is the problem… my library is empty!

Description of Issue

I need some help. I submitted a ticket and received a reply from Roon that they received my ticket and will reach out to me. The ticket was submitted January 10th 2023 but Roon didn’t reach out to me :frowning:

Overnight, since January 10th, my Library is empty! I didn’t do anything special, but I think it happened since an Roon update. Impact: I cannot use Roon anymore since January 10th.

How did you submit a ticket? Support is only here in the #support section of the forum and I don’t see a post by you about this.

Did you go to Contact us - Roon Labs? If you try to open contact them about in issue there, the submission page tells you to open a topic here on the forum and directs you to this forum page:

As for you issue:

  • Do you have local files, Qobuz/Tidal, or both in the library?
  • If local, where are the files stored, on the NAS or another drive?
  • What is the filesystem of the disk where the files are stored?
  • Post a screenshot of your Roon > Settings > Storage

Not sure how I contacted them… Here the response I received from Roon. So I think it is not strange that I expected a ‘Friendly specialist’ to reach out to me? Anyway, happy I’m getting support via this channel now.

I see. It’s entirely reasonable that you expected a friendly specialist to contact you. However, it seems that this automated response is outdated and wrong, and it should be fixed. So that it does not set apparently wrong expectations and confuse users. @support?

If I may ask, how can you not know how you contacted them in the last 14 days? Did you go to their web page on Contact us - Roon Labs and filled out the forms? Did you send them an email to this contact@roonlabs.com email address?

Just so that Roon knows where to look for this problem :slight_smile:

And to clarify: this all has not changed.

Roon doesn’t touch your source files. If your Roon database was impacted by an update, Roon should repopulate it automatically, once a new or Restored database is in effect.

Screen print Settings==>Storage.

Thanks. I haven’t used Roon on Synology, but in your screenshot it seems that a storage location is not configured? Shouldn’t there one be listed? Like this is on my ROCK


Yes, I see that this is missing. But I’m affraid if I add the storage location myself, it will start importing all music files again and that I have to redo the whole configuration as I did with my old library (merging albums, select right meta data, add pictures etc.). That was a lot of work. So I hope and trust that the Roon support can tell me how I can bring my old library back alive without building a new one. I never deleted it, so it must be somehwere waiting for me (I hope…)

If your database is still intact you should be ok. Go to Setting-Library-Clean up Library. Do NOT click on “Clean up Library”, simply observe. If there are a large number of files (corresponding to the number of tracks in your library) awaiting cleaning then your database is intact. This means that you should be ok to add your existing storage location back in.

However, please note that I am not a NAS user and can guarantee absolutely nothing! Please feel free to wait for Roon Support.

Isn’t this the synology DSM 7 issue with it loosing root access to local storage? Many threads on this as Synology changed how apps can access the storage. I think @crieke has a solution to this.

@CrystalGipsy I have DSM 6 still running on my Synology, so DSM 7 bugs cannot be the problem.
@SukieInTheGraveyard Thanks for the suggestion. I do prefer to wait for Roon Support because I don’t want to risk to do something that makes matters worse.

Does anybody know how I can arrange that the Roon Support is looking to this service request? Maybe with using the proper ‘@’?

I’m not having acces to my music now for over 3 weeks and I would like to have this fixed asap :frowning: .

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@support can we get some input here please.

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Hi @Sander_vg,

Thank you for your patience - three weeks without music is inexcusable and we apologize for the circuitous path to official support.

A few questions to expedite tech support’s investigation here:

  1. How many files were in your local library before they disappeared from Roon? While not directly relevant, on a NAS Core hosting both database and local storage, there’s a risk of database corruption with (significantly) large local libraries.

  2. Are you able to upload a set of logs from Roon for the team to investigate? Our attempts to remotely pull diagnostics are unsuccessful, and your Core is no longer listed as a device on your account. If you navigate in a file browser to the RoonServer folder location you set up on install, there will be a Logs file contained within. Please compress that file and upload it here. The team will promptly investigate and follow up with next steps once we’ve identified traces relevant to the local storage in logs that can pinpoint what’s wrong.

  3. Lastly, @SukieInTheGraveyard’s suggestion to observe the Clean Up Library function will helpful here.

Clicking on “Clean Up Library” will open a Library Maintenance dialogue box like the one I’ve shared below. We’re curious to see the number of files listed next to the radio buttons. Without clicking the second “Clean Up Library” button in the dialogue box, take a screenshot and paste it here.

The tech support team will keep a close lookout for your response. Thank you!


Hi Conner, thanks for helping. Much appreciated. Hope we can ‘revive’ the library without the need to set it up again.

  1. Don’t know exact. Maybe 700 - 100 CD’s? Maybe 15000 - 20000 files?
  2. Done!

@support and @connor : what’s next? Would like to have access to my music asap.

Hi @Sander_vg,

Thank you for sharing the previous details. Roon does appear to recognize your library, so it’s just a question of adding in the storage location again.

Roon simply lost contact with the storage location at some point, but it did not delete 17556 of your files. These files are simply waiting to be reassociated with a storage location. So, when you add the Watched Folder back in, Roon will scan it and re-associate each track it finds.

Are you running Docker on this device? Try turning it off, if so, and restarting the Core.

Hi @connor , Thanks for helping. I have no clue what ‘Docker’ is, so I guess I’m not running Docker on my Synology NAS.

So just to be clear I’m doing the correct action:

  • I turn off my Synology nas
  • I add a map (see print screen) with my music files
  • I turn on the Synology again and everything should work as it always has?

@connor Can you please confirm? (or correct)

Hi @Sander_vg,

That’s correct - simply add the Storage Location back in under Roon → Settings → Storage. There is no need to turn the Core off while mapping the file location. Adding the network share folder will prompt Roon to reassociate your library with the files.