Paid Subscription To Tidal, Qobuz, Both, or Neither

I realize this has been asked before, but AS OF THE PRESENT TIME, do you have a PAID SUBSCRIPTION To:


I’m just curious where this is shaking out by now. Not really concerned with the reasons and not really concerned about trials, just where you are now with a paid subscription.

Both (10 characters).

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Current subscription Qobuz (annual) Hi-res

    1. Tidal
    1. Qobuz
    1. Both
    1. Neither

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How did you make that poll? I tried to find it and couldn’t.


I currently have a Qobuz annual subscription, with no intention of dropping it.

I currently have a Tidal monthly subscription, that I picked up in November and plan to keep through December, for the Holidays, because I knew I’d be home a lot, and able to use Roon a lot, and I thought it would be (and has been) cool to have both.

I plan to cancel Tidal in January, but will probably pick it back up again in June for the summer months…

Qobuz is not available to me in Singapore but tidal is. If I could be bothered via a vpn I could get Quboz too…maybe I will one day, but I have Spotify too for home and mobile as does my wife. She prefers Spotify, I have tidal mainly because of roon. Maybe Qobuz might make me swap. But I get free tidal data on my mobile when I’m out and about like driving.

Had both. Canceled both. Using Amazon for now. All three have pros and cons. Amazon seems to be the most complete, with a slight compromise on SQ which they will hopefully fix.

Have both.

TIDAL for me.

I dropped Tidal because of its new over-emphasis on MQA.

I subscribe to Qobuz because of no MQA and many tracks are 96+k/24 bit.


Currently both. Started with Tidal, tried Amazon HD, switched to Qobuz, picked up Tidal again with the 5 months for $5 promo.

I prefer Qobuz, but Tidal’s catalog still seems to be a bit better (I’m a US subscriber), and Tidal’s Plex integration’s a nice perk.

Amazon catalog was good, quality was good, but no easy way to actually play their Hi-Res content, and their app was god-awful.

I’m in my second year of Qobuz subscriptions. First year I went annual (Sublime+) and now I’m on monthly (Studio).

I also have a 5 month Tidal subscription that I paid £5 for, which I’m unlikely to renew after the trial ends.

I have both. Although Qobuz sounds slightly better to me, Tidal has music that I can’t find on Qobuz…yet.

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Tidal for me at the moment because it integrates into Plex and so after watching a film I can play the soundtrack or music featured in the film.

I pay for Spotify premium which I will drop once Tidal is available on Amazon Echo in the UK which I’ll divert that outlay to Qobuz Studio when that pricing update comes.

Is this still a thing, now that Amazon has its own music streaming service?

It is available in the US so I’m hoping it’s the usual 6-12 month delay releasing in the UK rather than not releasing it because it is a competitor. We’ll see I guess.

Amazon doesn’t have a good record as far as allowing competition within their bailiwick.

Good luck.

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Qobuz here - I like the light aesthetic and the pdf booklets. I also have a 12 month sub to AmazonHD which my family uses too.