Parametric EQ - values entered are overwritten


In the Parametric EQ screen, values typed in are systematically reset when you toggle from one field to another. It is really frustrating, and having a hard time setting values. Using Windows…

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Hi @anon49565150 ----- Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the troubles. We will definitely take a look into this for you, but before we do may I kindly ask you to please provide us with the details of your setup as seen here.

Furthermore, any other reproducible steps you can provide to us would be greatly appreciated!


RoonServer: Core Roon version 1.3 (build 200) stable (64 bit) on ubuntu server (PC intel core I5)
Windows, Roon Core as well, same version, with operating system windows 7 enterprise, service pack 1 (PC intel core i5).

Reproducible steps: click the mouse on the first band frequency, enter 65 instead of 10, and immediately click in the next box “Gain” - the frequency is reset to 10… Change the gain and click in another box and the gain is reset to zero… fursturating !

I got the same issue when toggle from field to the next field.
Solved: Enter the value in the field and hit “enter” Then you toogle to the next field.

Yes, but it is still an annoying bug… if you click anywhere it resets the value. Certainly not “standard” windows behavior.

The same issue here. It’s (almost) impossible to enter something in the Parametric EQ frequency, gain and Q settings…
As such it’s very hard to use such potentially great feature…

Just started to play around with the feature.
Sadly, your workaround doesn’t work fo me. The value is reset regardless of me pressing enter or not.
This is with build 218 on windows 10.

I tried this solution:

and it worked perfectly. Not very intuitive, though, as the “.” is displayed as “,”, but it works now.

I see exactly the same. Has nothing to do with “,” or “.” separators. Ubuntu 17.4 NUC and Mac OS X Sierra. Trying to set filter values from my Mac and there simply is a serious bug here, values are overwritten and it is impossible to use the PEQ for anything that maybe a few filters.

Press Enter after each number to set it.