Parametric filter for speakers

Is there a place where I can find existing filters for speakers? I am used to DIRAC Live where you build a filter based on the room layout but I am uncertain how to generate a parametric filter, I am assuming there is a third party tool that does it?

The required filter depends on room and speakers, so best to measure this, similar to Dirac. There’s various third-party software for measuring and filter creation, then load the filter into Roon. Some existing threads with lots of info:

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I’ve used this tutorial from OCA tuber, below. It did improve the speakers in my little office space while working from home. YMMV as usual.

Oops! the Youtube video is being blocked. Please do a search for “REW (Room EQ Wizard) Top Tricks: Convolution with Inversion” by Obsessive Compulsive Audiophile.