Parasitic (popping) noise

Roon Core Machine

HP Envy
i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40 Ghz
12 Go
Windows 10

Networking Gear & Setup Details

D-Link DIR-880L
D-link DIR-1750

Connected Audio Devices

For Roon Core: Classé CP-800
For others room listening: Surface Book 3 with iFi iDSD micro Signature

Library Size

19,722 tracks

Description of Issue

Hello, I am new to Roon and have a problem that I cannot resolve. While listening, I have parasitic (pop) noises that appear randomly. It is like listening to vinyl records.
The server is hooked up to my sound system in my main listening room. When I listen to music directly from the server, there is no problem, no pop, everything is perfect.
Surface Book 3
I bought this computer to listen to music on headphones remotely with Roonbridge. I have an iFi iDSD micro Signature sound card. I have tried almost every possible combination of audio settings without succeeding in eliminating parasitic noise in both Wi-Fi and Ethernet.
For my Ethernet tests, I used 3 foot cables on each side of my router to make sure that noise was not coming from the cables. I also tried two different routers.
Test 1: SB3 + iFi + WiFi + Roon + Roonbridge → parasitic noise
Test 2: SB3 + iFi + Ethernet + Roon + Roonbridge → parasitic noise
Test 3: SB3 + iFi + WiFi + Jriver with DLNA → no noise
Test 4: SB3 + iFi + Ethernet + Jriver with DLNA → no noise
Test 5: SB3 + iFi + Roon (local) → parasitic noise
Test 6: SB3 + iFi + Jriver (local) → no parasitic noise
Test 7: SB3 + iFi + Youtube (local) → no noise
Test 8: Dell PC + iFi + Ethernet + Roon + Roonbridge → no noise
My test # 8 shows that noise only occurs on SB3. On SB3,

parasitic noise does not occur with Jriver, Windows Player, etc.

Just a shot in the dark, but it might be the WASAPI driver. I remember having similar issues when playing files with Audacity through WASAPI. Try DirectSound or ASIO if available.

And, please let us see a screen shot of your audio devices settings.
Particularly buffering and clock settings.
And, do you have a Signature or Black Label?
What USB cable are you using?

Thanks guys.
I have already tried with ASIO4ALL and it did not solve the problem.
This is the Signature model that I have. When I did the first installation, I don’t think the Signature model was a choice. I chose the device whose image looked like the Signature model. I tried to do a new install but Roon remembers the audio settings and I can’t destroy it. How do I remove an audio driver and start over?

Test 9: SB3 + Classé CP-800 + Ethernet + Roon + Ronbridge → no noise

If we compare with tests # 8 and # 3, test # 9 shows that the iFi micro Signature sound card may not be compatible with SB3 only if played with Roon. Is it because it’s the driver iDSD BL?

Here are my screenshots of the setup (sorry it’s in French). I have tried lots of combinations of settings and failed to fix the problem.

ASIO4ALL won’t help since it is just a wrapper on top Windows drivers. If I’m not mistaken, you should be able to find an ASIO driver on iFi site for your DAC.

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On second thought, i don’t think Roon bothers about unique drivers, it’s only got to do with line art and custom settings. But you could still click the “Pas votre périphérique?” text and then Cancel to go back to defaults.

The only thing i can see in your settings, that i would like to change is the resync timing, to at least 200ms/0,2sec.

What cable are you using then, and have you tried anything USB2.0 certified, basic but functional?

Yes, I forgot to mention this driver.

With Roon, I have parasitic noises even if set Extra safe as the value for the USB Streaming Mode parameter.

With JRiver, I have no parasitic noises. I never had one with JRiver. I paid Roon for a year and would like to drop JRiver if I find a solution that fixes the noise problem.

It’s just with Roon that I have parasitic noises.

I have tried all the iFi devices and it doesn’t change a thing.

The cables are Cat7. I tested with 3ft cables and also with 10ft and 15ft cables. It doesn’t change anything.

I have tried all possible values for resync timing. I have tested the other parameters also with many values without success.

I am referring to USB cables, not Ethernet. I assume you use at least one?

I don’t know what Roon is doing to the signal but noise is introduced somewhere. With JRiver there is never any noise and I have been using it for one year with iFi iDSD micro Signature. The problem is the Surface book 3 + Roon + ifi combination:

Surface book 3 + JRiver + iFi → no noise
Dell PC + Roon + iFi → no noise
Surface book 3 + Roon + Classé CP-800 → no noise
Surface book 3 + Roon + iFi → noise

Yes I use the cable which was provided by iFi. This cable is very short.

Please try another one also, it might just make a difference! :slight_smile:
Still, i think you are looking at trouble with the USB output of the SB3…
Why this manifests itself only with Roon i can’t say…

I tried with a really good $ 1000 cable. It does not change anything.

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There is no such thing as “audiophile” digital cables. If one cable works with one setup but not with another, it’s not it.

I have tried 3 different USB cables and still have some noise no matter what cable.

In the case of Dell PC, is Roon using a WASAPI driver, like with Surface?

Yes, that’s the only difference.

Just to make sure, can you include a screen shot of the signal path with Dell + iFi (the one that works fine)?

Here is: Dell PC + Roon + iFi → no noise


What happens if you turn off “Enable Event mode”?