PDF files not opening [Fixed in B196]

I’m trying to open PDF’s, but no luck. The links to the PDF are showing on the album page, and appear also when tapping the View documents button below the album cover. But when I tap the link in the ‘Choose a file’ menu, nothing happens.

What could I be doing wrong?


Same here,

PDFs do open on my iPhone, or on the core PC, but no luck on my Samsung tablet.

Same problem on your side ?

Anyone has a similar problem ?


Sorry, should have mentioned that I’m using a Pixel C Tablet, running on Android 7.1.1.

My Android phone doesn’t show the pdf icons to start with.

But on my remote Windows PC I can open the pdf’s.


Same here, also on Pixel C.

@support, does this feature depend on a third party app?

on android, it opens the app using the system send intent, so you need something that can deal with pdf files.

Hi @danny, thanks for your fast response.

If I open the same pdf from another Android app (I used the Synology DS file app) then I get the suggestion to open it with the Drive PDF Viewer. I would expect the same suggestion from the Roon app. Right?

Indeed, that is what I would expect you to get with Roon.

Are you not seeing that? If so, we have a bug and I’ll need @support get some logs from you.

The pop-up appears, but after selecting the link nothing happens.

It doesn’t work on my Samsung Tab A but works a treat on my iPad Pro. It opens a web browser.
How do we get more PDF files in the system?

I don’t have plans to scan all the inlays of my CD collection :slight_smile:

:joy: neither do I, I don’t know where mine came from.

The “Has PDF” focus tells me that I have 3 of them, all were part of Qobuz downloads.

I wonder if this will be something that Roon can scan for?

Apart from the Drive pdf viewer, I use two other apps that can open pdf’s on the Pixel C, coming from Adobe Acrobat and WPS. No luck with either of them.

If you need logs, let me know.


just fixed the bug. next build guys…


It’s up guys, Build 196

Great. And: wow, that was quick!


I’m really impressed with the rapidity of bug fixing updates! Brilliant!

Wow, I did not expect to see a release that fast!
Works as expected now.

The dedication of the team to get it right is impressive.

Works perfect for me too, now.
Thanks guys. real quick fix.

Keep the good work.