Permanently errors!

Roon Core Machine

MacMini 2012 Quad-i7, 16GB RAM, macOS Catalina/Mojave (LAN)
MacBook Pro 15" 2012 Quad i7, 16GB RAM, macOS Mojave (LAN)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fritz!Box 7490, WLAN/LAN

Connected Audio Devices

Marantz SR7007 (LAN), Denon CEOL N7, Denon CEOL piccolo N5, iPad mini 2, iPad Pro 9,7, iPhone SE2 (WLAN)

Library Size

about 87.000 Tracks

Description of Issue

i have permanently errors with playing music over Roon a few times a day (see screenshots)! and this sucks so much!!! so the prog is unusable!

I tried everything: installing MacOS again, installing roon again, downgrading to MacOS Mojave (that made it a little bit better - the AMPlibraryAgent sucks!), testing on another Mac - no results!

now i installed MacOS COMPLETE new and roon too but same results!

screenshots and logs: Dropbox - roon - Simplify your life

Have you looked at your network?
A lot of problems are often the result of poor or unreliable network performance.

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yes of course. network is okay. the apple music app plays without any problems. only roon makes permanently mimimi :-/

the problems are the same if I play via the built in toslink output - so there should network problems have no matter

Do you play from your local library with Roon and/or stream from the internet with Apple?

that makes no difference. the errors occur by playing local library or even streaming tracks via tidal hifi :frowning:

I must say: if it runs one time, then it runs. am I choosing a new track or album to play or press skip in roon remote the prob occurs sometimes (nearly 2-3 times a day).

so I have to quit roon and start it again (what takes 2-3 minutes!!!) and it plays correctly again. for a while… :-/

This looks like an performance issue, maybe memory leaks or something like that.
Have you checked the cpu/memory statistics of your Roon Core when it performs okay and when it does not?

no I did not. but I don’t believe that. the probs were on my Mac mini the same as on my MacBook Pro. doubtful that BOTH devices should have a problem that leads to the same error in roon!

and: Apple Music plays without any problems!

just now the same. I went out for lunch and stopped the music in roon. when I came back I pressed play and got this message:

You have to be aware that your Core is responsible for the errors you see in the Roon remote.
It is your Core that orchestrates how your endpoints and remotes behave.

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yes, this is correct.
i had my roon core on my Mac mini for nearly 3 months with this issues. Since I didn’t get any suggestions for a solution, I switched to the MBP with the core - and I have exactly the same errors! therefore I can rule out with a high probability that it is due to the hardware!

Maybe there is software on the MBP that is the same as on the MM, which can cause problems.
Same OS, this could mean same source of trouble.

FYI, i run my Core on a Mac Mini with the same specs and age as yours (but with Ubuntu as OS).

Hi @Andreas_Knoche

I looked at the logs and I’m seeing a lot of network errors. It’s hard to say if it’s something on the Core causing that is resulting in the network errors, or something broader on the network.

If you run the MacBook Pro as your Core as a temporary test do you have the same problems?

yes there are the same problems. I have installed ONLY Mac OS Mojave and NOTHING else! Apple Music streams without any problems via airplay from the same device - so how can it be possible then that roon makes problems? and how can it be, that it runs without problems again if I quit roon and start it again? maybe roon makes the network problems???

in addition: which role plays my network if I play music via toslink?

How could we know, there is no description of what is connected to what.

See first posting. there is a fritz!box 7490. the roon core, my mba and the marantz sr7007 are connected via lan. both denon ceol an the iPhone and two iPads are connected via wlan. and there is a dreambox 920 connected via wlan and a vu+ solo 4k se connected via wlan. and there is an xbox one x and a Apple TV connected via wlan.

the roon core is also direct connected via optical toslink. but the errors also occur if I play from roon to the marantz via optical cable. what should network errors do there?

By connecting by LAN do you mean Ethernet or WiFi. The remote iPad will be WiFi obviously but are the rest Ethernet

Roon is very demanding on networking, WiFi often is the cause of dropouts especially if you are playing hi res

If both PC’s are behaving the same the network is the common denominator?

Just a thought

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Hi @Andreas_Knoche

Are the files stored locally on the Mac Mini or are they stored on a NAS somewhere?

Does playing local files stored on the Core to System Out work?

lan= ethernet cable
wlan= wireless lan (wifi)

files are storage on a Mac intern 2tb ssd where MacOS is installed
local playing files on the core output bring the same results but I will test this now a little bit more