Phone and tablet do not connect to roon core [Resolved - Firewall exceptions needed]

Hello!.phone and tablet do not connect to roon core on pc!

help please fix this problem

In order for Roon’s support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Also note that roon needs everything to be in the same network address address range…so your wifi and LAN connection must all be on the same (in your case) 10.0.0.x address range.

Also make sure you to turn off your windows fire wall to trouble shoot - this is often the issue with Windows where you have no added exceptions for Roon and RAAT server applications.

Hi @aleksey_boguslavsky

As mentioned above, please provide some additional information about your setup — It’ll be extremely useful as we look into this!

Also, can you clarify if this worked for you at any point before or is this a new install?

I just installed the program on my computer yesterday
everything works fine on pc
but the program does not run on android tablet and phone and did not start before

intel i 9. 3.6ghz

Thanks for the details, @aleksey_boguslavsky. First, on your Windows machine, can you try disabling any antivirus and firewall temporarily? Any change after doing so?

What kind of Android devices are you using? Can you also give us some details on your network setup?

Thank you! your advice helped

but now my pc is vulnerable (

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Thank you!